On The Bab, the new Korean street-food restaurant in Paris

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 21 May 2019 at 14h43 · Updated on 8 May 2020 at 12h06
Famous UK Korean street-food franchise On The Bab has just arrived in Paris. Let's meet there to enjoy a whole bunch of delicious Korean dishes.

Foodies and food lovers who are used to travel the sea Channel probably know On The Bab, the Korean street-food franchise well known in the UK.

Well, since this May 15, 2019, you don’t have to travel all the way to the United Kingdom to feast at On The Bab since Paris is about to welcome the first French restaurant of the franchise created by Linda Lee.

On the BabOn the BabOn the BabOn the Bab

In the heart of the Asian district in Paris, at 18 rue Thérèse, On The Bab settles in to make you all discover these small wonders coming straight from the streets of South Korea! As lucky as we are, it’s the first On The Bab outside the United Kingdom!

On the menu, as a starter, pan-fried dumplings (€5.50), fried rolls wrapped in seaweed (€6.50), seafood, kimchi or leek cakes (€8.50), and even fried rice balls with kimchi and cheese (€6).

On the BabOn the BabOn the BabOn the Bab

Moving on to main courses, On The Bab offers three specialties: On The Rice (Korean spicy meat with rice, €14), On The Rolls (mini rice rolls wrapped in seaweed and Korean spicy meat, €15) and On The Buns (bao stuffed with Korean spicy meat, €14).

On The Bab also serves classics such as bibimpab - cold or hot - (€13-15), spicy stewed tofu or kimchi (€15) and of course, the authentic fried Korean chicken (€8-35 - according to size), with rather fun dressings: garlic mayonnaise, soy-ginger, or slightly spicy.

On the BabOn the BabOn the BabOn the Bab

Hearty and spicy dishes, affordable menu, fresh and healthy food options, authentic recipes… Thanks to On The Bab, we can travel  to faraway lands!

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18 Rue Thérèse
75001 Paris 1

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