1129 iiniku: the Japanese BBQ-style Wagyu Yakiniku restaurant in Paris

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Published by Caroline J. · Photos by Caroline J. · Published on 11 January 2022 at 15h23
Japanese culinary art comes to the center of Paris. Omatsu France – already running the tasty An Japonaise location in the 2nd arrondissement – opens a new restaurant in the city. This time, nestled in the 1st arrondissement, 1129 iiniku shines a light on Wagyu beef and the yakiniku concept, the famous Japanese BBQ. Shall we give you a tour?

This is a singular, modern and indulging place expecting you from January 11, 2022, in Paris 1st arrondissement. 1129 iiniku is a brand-new restaurant by Omatsu France, this Japanese company created in February 2020 by Takeshi Shimoda and Toshimasa Ogo, already behind the exquisite An Japonaise place. This time, the dream team has decided to give pride of place to two major Japanese cuisine features: wagyu beef and the art of yakiniku. Let us tell you more about it.

Meat-lovers fascinated by the Japanese culture already know it; Wagyu beef is the Holy Grail. Unparallelly flawless, Wagyu is a label given to beefs ticking some conditions. There is a strict definition for Wagyu beefs that can only meet four conditions: “black coat”, “red coat”, “horn-less”, “short-horned”. Just like An Japonaise, 1129 iiniku makes a point of honor to select Wagyu species served to patrons. The meat is then shipped from the transformation factory in Japan all the way to Paris, and then directly distributed within the restaurant.

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Therefore, to arouse Parisians’ curiosities and taste buds, the 1129 iiniku restaurant serves two species of Wagyu coming from the same Gunma area. You can enjoy “Joshu Wagyu”, some beef meat coming from cattle raised in a rich environment, or “Toriyama Wagyu” famous among others for its softness and fat flavor.

But where 1129 iiniku hits hard is they offer to enjoy both Wagyu species using a certain cooking mode, the famous yakiniku, aka, the Japanese BBQ. In Japan, “yakiniku” are restaurants where patrons can cook their meats however they want on a hot grill (electric or charcoal), and enjoy it right after. 1129 iiniku selects the best Wagyu cuts, and then it is up to you, you can cook it how you want! A friendly and warm concept likely to have everyone agree. If you are novice, do not hesitate to seek advice for the cooking. Generally, only 30 seconds on each side are enough.

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And to select the best Wagyu cut, trust Ichiba Asuka. Coming from Tsumagoi, a small village set west from Gunma, the female Japanese chef takes part in the project willing to make you all discover the yakiniku style.

On the menu, several options available, you can share of course, and coming in three different versions. For instance, discover the “Umé wagyu du jour” menu (180g for €120), the “Také wagyu du jour” (230g for €160), or the “Matsu wagyu du jour” (260g for €210). Alright, prices are high and unlikely to fit all budgets. But for the record, wagyu is considered as the best of beef meat, which is very rare in Paris. As for flavors, there is nothing to say. Each meat cut – thoroughly selected and sliced – is worth it because of the taste and the super-smooth texture. To be honest, the product is enough so much the quality is exceptional. But some people will yet hesitate to add some coarse salt, French mustard, or even wasabi for a nice twist.

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You can also have a side of rice, salad, mushrooms, or even zucchinis and bell peppers to cook on the electric grill. And if you fear bad smells, do not panic. 1129 iiniku has thought about everything and is equipped with a unique airing system preventing you from leaving with your clothes or hair smelling like smoke.

Moving on to drinks, 1129 iiniku once again relies on quality with a selection of French wines, as well as sakes, perfectly pairing the wagyu cuts.

To finish on a sweet note, go for one of the house’s desserts, such as the sake-kasu ice cream, or the matcha caramel cream to enjoy with a glass of sho-chu.

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You can enjoy it all in a modern and clean venue, shining a light on raw materials, whether on the ground-floor with 5 tables available, or basement featuring a tasting room and a small bar to (moderately) sip on some Japanese beverages such as whisky before or after the Japanese BBQ. As you can guess, 1129 iiniku also gives pride of place to omotenashi or the Japanese art of hospitality. Well, at 1129 iiniku, everything has been made so you can feel like traveling to Japan. Mission accomplished!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

This test has been carried out as part of a business invitation. If your experience is different from ours, please let us know in the comments.

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts 11 January 2022



    18 Rue du Louvre
    75001 Paris 1

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