Seine River right banks go car free

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 21 October 2015 at 12h20
The French capital keeps on evolving! Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, is preparing some new works including banning cars from the right banks of the Seine River in 2016.

Here is a projects likely to contribute to tensions with car drivers but that will put a smile on walker’s mouths.

With 4.1 million visitors in 2 years, the pedestrianization of the left banks of the Seine River, from Pont Royal to Pont de l’Alma has been an incredible success.

Consequently, Anne Hidalgo decides to pursue regaining the Seine river banks by reclaiming a part of the right bank in 2016.

After consulting Parisians, the project of turning 3.3km of the right bank from the Tunnel des Tuileries to the Bassin de l’Arsenal into a car-free area has been taken on.

Berges Seine Paris Rive DroiteBerges Seine Paris Rive DroiteBerges Seine Paris Rive DroiteBerges Seine Paris Rive Droite

After Paris Plages 2016, the lower banks will be closed to car drivers.

According to website, these banks will provide a 4.5-hectare green pedestrian area open all year long.

It will provide street furniture, light sporting facilities, children playground areas, refreshment bars, etc.

The tunnel will be dedicated to strolls, cultural areas and even a night club. The only condition is to favor light and reversible installations that can be dismantled in times of flood.

According to Deputy Mayor in charge of transports and Public Space, Christophe Najdovski, moored boats can also offer “a floating market to buy regional, organic products, an open-air café, a co-working area”.

As a memo, the project will be submitted to the Conseil de Paris.

Another ambitious project? A tramway on the right bank so you can cross the French capital from East to West will be set by 2020.

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