MK2 Bibliothèque: one of the biggest movie theaters in Paris

Published by Charlene S. · Photos by Charlene S. · Published on 18 February 2020 at 17h51 · Updated on 28 February 2020 at 15h17
Looking for space? MK2 Bibliothèque movie theater is the 3rd biggest movie theater facility in Paris!

With over a million and a half viewers every year, MK2 bibliothèque movie theater is one of the largest movie theaters in Paris. Set just by the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris 13th arrondissement, MK2 Bibliothèque is the 3rd biggest movie theater in terms of tickets sold. Inside, 20 rooms which means over 3000 seats are expecting you. And in the lobby, you’ll find a creperie, a café-restaurant and a store.

Playing at MK2 Bibliothèque, exclusive previews, blockbusters as well as a selection of art films, all available in original version with subtitles or in French. Moreover, 4 viewing rooms are set inside the BNF. And in 2019, the movie theater underwent renovations and now, the hall also features a candy station and several ticket devices to get to your movie as fast as possible.

MK2 Bibliothèque : l'un des plus grand cinéma de ParisMK2 Bibliothèque : l'un des plus grand cinéma de ParisMK2 Bibliothèque : l'un des plus grand cinéma de ParisMK2 Bibliothèque : l'un des plus grand cinéma de Paris

A facility that has been designed with the partnership of several architects such as Martin Szekely for the love seats and Jean-Michel Wilmotte for the building’s structure.

As in other MK2 movie theaters, the MK2 bibliothèque facility also houses the fourth cultural season with special screenings. Ciné-club, CinemadZ, Bout’chou, MK2 Junior and so on. More details about special screenings here!

As its name suggests it, the movie theater is surrounded by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, one of the biggest libraires in Paris, as well as by unmissable places. After a 3-minute walk, discover La Felicità, a large area devoted to Italian cooking. Even closer, just 50 meters from the movie theater, enjoy Le Camion qui fume specialized in hamburgers!

Movies to be displayed in MK2 Bibliothèque:
Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna
Le 8 mai 45, heure par heure
Adieu les cons
Ever, rêve, Helene Cixous

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128/162 av. de France
75013 Paris 13

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