LUCO the first zero waste, click and collect grocery store

Published by Tiana R. · Updated on 13 April 2020 at 13h45 · Published on 23 December 2019 at 10h40
LUCO, the first zero waste, “click & collect” grocery store hides in Paris 18th arrondissement. Since November 2019, you can find over 200 local produces, made in France and much more…

Welcome to LUCO, the first zero waste and click and collect grocery store. Here, the traditional and local grocery store becomes an online store. Local fruits and vegetables, zero waste policy, made in France beauty products, household products… there’s something for every ne and every budget.

In store, meet Pauline, Luc-Olivier and Etienne, the masters of this great house.

“Follow the light”! After placing your order on LELUCO.FR, come and collect your locavore goods in a hidden courtyard.
Laiterie La Chapelle yogurts, Nania mozzarellas, mushrooms collected in the only organic farm in Paris, Terroirs d’Avenir fruits and vegetables, Parisian beers…

The products are, at the best local, or ethic and/or from sustainable farming. Anyway, you can get them loose, in reusable bags or lovely jars given by the friends of the store for free. To get yours, meet at the Maison du Zéro Déchet.


“It’s out of question to brand an organic produce if the farmer has no certification yet. We’re very transparent about our produces. There’s no pre-conceived speech. The idea is to provide things that are meaningful”. Etienne explains as he is entrusted with finding the best items.

“For instance, coffee can hardly be French. So, we chose Terra Kahwa, an Ethiopian coffee fairly commercialized and picked”.

The three friends taste and test everything they sell at LUCO, the first local and zero waste “click & collect” grocery store. “We wish to show to as many people as possible that you can eat sustainably while respecting the environment. Far from being moralizing”. No judgement, then, but good advice and talks. And it’s for the best.


On collect time slots, the (now) regulars and other curious greet in the courtyard and talk about the latest deliveries. Some even talk about their dinner menu whilst others leave with packed hampers…. More than your average “click and collect”, the LUDO grocery store is a true place of life that gets it.

Thank you!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 23 December 2019



    18 Rue Lécuyer
    75018 Paris 18

    Recommended age
    For all

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