Paris Galeries Lafayette Christmas Window and tree 2019

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 16 September 2019 at 19h00
At Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Christmas is coming. For the traditional Christmas tree and windows amazing children and adults, Holidays will surely buzz! - Dates to come.

For the Holidays, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann prepares a buzzing Christmas! How come? Because this year's theme of the department store, it's the Christmas beehive! So, while the streets of Paris will be sparkling with the lights, Galeries Lafayette windows will be like the bees' honey for children and adults! So far, we haven't been told the dates but we can already tell you more about what expects you this year!

For this season, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann lets your discover the Christmas beehive. As for the windows, discover 11 scenes with 14 characters inspired by the bees. Light show, Queen's banquet or even Winter garden, let's discover our precious bees helping with the Christmas magic while preparing their own party.
Children and adults can see the little workers busy in the kitchen, while the guides are hard at work with the lights. As for the queen, she'll be on her Sunday's best! From the venomenous to the builders without forgetting the fool, the dressers and even the ladies in waiting, it's a whole royal procession taking over Galeries Lafayette Haussmann windows.

The traditional Christmas tree, you can see from under the cupola, will also be back and catch all eyes. Sprinkled with winter flowers and XXL bulbs, this year, it will be covered in frothy and amber colors and our dear bees won’t fight against the will to forage all around. At the top, queen bee will be proudly sitting, admiring the work of the Christmas beehive. And don’t be surprised if you see the lights of the cupola fading away and look up to the tree: every 30 minutes, you can attend the beehive awakes as well as the bees flying. Don’t forget to enjoy the famous Glass Walk of the Galeries Lafayette to enjoy an unobstructed view of this beautiful Christmas tree! By the way, did you know that for this Christmas in Paris, you can also enjoy an ice-skating rink on the Galeries Lafayette!

While waiting to discover these beautiful animations, we offer you to go and enjoy the inauguration of last year’s Christmas windows:

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