Easter chocolates 2018 in Paris by La Maison du Chocolat

This year, for Easter, La Maison du Chocolat chocolate chef Nicolas Cloiseau shows a prankster face and presents us his small and crispy fishes: goldfish, clownfish and even sawfish are to be fishes from March 7, 2018!

This year, Easter 2018 falls on April 1 aka April Fool’s Day. A wonderful reason for Nicolas Cloiseau to show his prankster side! Chocolate Meilleur Ouvrier de France and La Maison du Chocolat  Chocolate chef came up with a whole Easter shoal of fish to caught from March 7, 2018.

All in all, it’s a school of five fishes that Nicolas Closieau unveils to the gourmet and mischievous choco-eaters.

Pâques 2018 à Paris chez La Maison du Chocolat

The very popular goldfish is give pride of place and presents a scarlet and ivory chocolate containing a dark, almond and hazelnut praline with caramelized cookies chunks. I promise, it will change you from Goldfish crackers!

If you too have been trying to find Nemo, you’re almost there since, for Easter, we will find Nemo at La Maison du Chocolat. The famous clownfish – behind his ivory chocolate with the distinctive orange-y stripes – treats us very well with its milk chocolate and almond praline.

Pâques 2018 à Paris chez La Maison du Chocolat

But, if there’s one that is very catchy is the sawfish. Its powerful dark chocolate hides a sweet milk chocolate and almond praline, proving you that the clothes don’t make the man.

Even more surprising, the catfish has no cause to be envious of its other land peers when it comes to cuteness. This fish has, well… puppy eyes as well as lovely pads. It makes our hearts melt with its milk chocolate hiding a milk chocolate and almond praline with roasted and caramelized grated coconut… and voilà! Here we go, we love it!

Pâques 2018 à Paris chez La Maison du Chocolat

And since Nicolas Cloiseau has more than one trick up his sleeve, here’s the latest born of this collection, the… breaded fish. A fish slice by way of a fin and he plays a trick on us! And behind this ultimate mischief, a treat that sneakily plays with our guilty pleasure: milk chocolate and hazelnut praline with very thin pancake sprinklers, Easter has never been this funky!

Pâques 2018 à Paris chez La Maison du Chocolat

And for the chocolatey masterpiece, Nicolas Cloiseau prepared us the Oeuf d’Eau Douce [Sweet water egg], a giant egg weighing over 14.5 lbs, 20 inches high and 18.9 inches wide crossed by a lovely shoal of 34 small fishes. Poetry in the middle of all these tricks, we obviously find La Maison du Chocolat Chocolate chef!

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 29 March 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 7 March 2018 to 17 April 2018



    8 boulevard de la Madeleine 75009 Paris
    75 Paris

    Le poisson (130g): 29 €
    L'Oeuf d'Eau Douce: 1200 €

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