Epiphany Cake 2022 by Philippe Conticini

Published by Manon C., My B. · Published on 8 January 2022 at 09h51
Pastry chef Philippe Conticini unveils his Kings' Cake 2022 - or should we say his Queens' Cake! A flavorful Epiphany cake, inspired by Mediterranean flavors, in partnership with Les Eclaireuses and available from January 2, 2022 in Gâteaux d'Emotions stores.

Friends, if you still have not chosen the Epiphany Cake you will have on Epiphany 2022, you can - starting January 2, 2022 - run to Gâteaux d'Emotions - aka Philippe Conticini's pastry store - to get his Kings' Cake 2022 - or should we say his Queens' Cake!

For his Epiphany CakePhilippe Conticini has come up with a cake inspired by Mediterranean flavors. On the occasion, part of the benefits will be donated to the Tamrat chcarity helping women to be independent in Morocco.

This Epiphany Cake 2022 is based on vanilla pastry cream, grounded almond, honeyargan oil and hazelnut paste. The whole twisted with candied orange instead of the traditional drop of rum. The whole fills a traditional inverted puff pastry that made the fame of Continici's cake.

As for the decoration, it pasy tribute to the traditional Mediterranean pastries with the angels' hair, for a crunchy note, displaying a desert rose highlighted by confectioner's sugar.

Committed, this Epiphany Cake 2021 has been made in partnership with Les Eclaireuses. As a matter of fact, the two female founders Melody Madar and Chloé Sabban wished to make of their media the spearhead of the modern, free and independent woman.

Inside, beans with power-filled qualifying adjectives: Courageuse (Brave), Unique, Passionnante (Fascinating), Généreuse (Generous), Indispensable (Vital) and even Merveilleuse (Wonderful)!

Allow €46for the Epiphany Cake serving 6!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 2 January 2022



    37 Rue de Varenne
    75007 Paris 7

    6 personnes: €46

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