Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to take down the Ferris wheel in place de la Concorde

Published by Maïlys C. · Published on 9 November 2017 at 09h32 · Updated on 9 November 2017 at 09h46
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced she was about to refer a proposal this Monday November 20, 2017 to the Conseil de Paris [Paris Counsel] to take down the Ferris Wheel. She’s been very annoyed because of the carnies demonstrating these past few days under the lead of the Ferris Wheel manager, Marcel Campion.

He’s called “King of Carnies”: since 1993, Marcel Campion manages Paris most famous attractions. He may have to stop in May 2018 if the Conseil de Paris decision reaches an agreement with Mrs. Hidalgo’s feeling.

The latter expressed her disagreement with the methods of the carnies’ latest demonstration and has been very critical about the Ferris Wheel future. She justifies her process with an aesthetic reason: according to her, the Ferris Wheel doesn’t match with the architecture coherence that goes from the Louvre to the Champs-Elysées avenue.

Welcoming 400,000 yearly visitors (the ticket costing €12, if you please!), the Ferries Wheel is actually part of Paris landscape. This Tuesday, very pissed off Marcel Campion declared on CNews about Paris mayor: “That lady, who’s mentally unhealthy, used to kiss me on the cheek for four years and now, she doesn’t talk to me anymore”.

But, it’s normal that things change… What do you think?

In any case, to be continued…!

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