Parking in Paris: what’s about to change in January 2018

From January 1, 2018, parking conditions change in Paris. Pricing system, management and even inspection, here are the new rules.

According to Paris authorities, about 90% of the locals pay for their parking while 90% of the visitors don’t. they think the amount of the deficiency levels to €300 million. In light of this, they plan new parking rules said to come into effect from January 1, 2018.

Stationnement à Paris : Ce qui va changer en Janvier 2018

 The major changes affect visitors. If the parking duration used to be limited to 2 hours, now, the duration is of 6 hours. If the rate of the first two hours remain unchanged (€8 in central zone and €4.80 in peripheral zone), the one related to the following hours will increase. That means that the third hour will cost you €8, the fourth one €10 and the last two €12. It also means that for parking for 3 hours, it will cost you €16, 4 hours will cost you €26 and from five hours, the bill increases to €38.

Stationnement à Paris : Ce qui va changer en Janvier 2018 

From now on, when you park for more than 2 hours, you’ll have to privilege underground parking lots and expect you’ll pay less. More precisely, if you find yourself in the central area, that is to say in Paris 1st to 11th arrondissement. For example, parking for 3 hours above ground in the center of Paris will cost you €16. For the same duration, parking in the public parking lot of the Ile de la Cité will cost you €12, down by 4 euros.

Stationnement à Paris : Ce qui va changer en Janvier 2018

As part of the MAPTAM law (Modernisation de l’action publique et d’affirmation des métropoles) [Modernization of the Public Action and Affirmation of Metropoles], managing parking changes hands. The State will no longer take care of the parking in Paris but the Paris Authorities. Controls will no longer be carried out by policemen but control agents from Paris City Hall.

Stationnement à Paris : Ce qui va changer en Janvier 2018 

Let’s also forget about the €17-fine. From January 1, 2018 if you don’t pay for parking, you’ll have to pay for a “forfait de post stationnement (FPS)” [Post-parking package]. In central zone, this usage fee costs €50 (€35 if payed in the 4 days) while in peripheral zone, it costs €35 (€24.50 if payed in the four days). You have a one-month period to pay off your FPS online ( against 45 days for the fine, like it used to be. And if the latter used to be collected by the State, the FPS will be received by Paris City Hall.

You’ll also have to remember your license plate because you now have to give its number to the parking ticket machine before checking out. Say goodbye to round trips between the machine and your car, good riddance to smack pieces of papier because they are no longer mandatory.

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 28 December 2017

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