Coronavirus in the world: 984 deaths in the US, 656 in India, and 571 in Brazil in 24h

Published by My B. · Published on 25 October 2020 at 17h46 · Updated on 25 October 2020 at 18h14
The whole world has been facing the unprecedented coronavirus health crisis for months. Discover updates on countries impacted by the coronavirus epidemic this Saturday October 24, 2020. Over 42.5 million cases have been reported and over 1,15 million people have died of Covid-19 worldwide according to The Coronavirus App. The new case toll has never been this high, and some countries are facing new waves as they seemed to have curbed the epidemic.

In the world, as of Saturday October 24, 2020Covid-19 infected 42,507,487 people. So far, 1,156,407 people have died worldwide. We now use data from The Coronavirus App, recommended by the French Health Minister and that shares - for most countries - the official data from the different Health ministers. The new infection toll skyrockets in America. WHO urges to take control over the epidemic. Some countries are facing new contamination waves.


  • In the United-States, the new case toll still skyrockets with 74,651 infections reported in 24 hours. As of Saturday October 24, the country reports 8,746,904 cases. The country reports 984 deaths in 24h, taking it up to a total of 229,284 deaths. The FDA has granted on Thursday permanent authorization to antiviral medicine, remdesivir, for sick hospitalized for Covid-19, confirming the conditional authorization granted back in May.

  • In India, the death toll keeps on growing. The country reports on Saturday October 24, 7,813,668 cases (+54,028 in 24 hours), and 117,992 deaths including 656 in 24 hours. A quick, reliable and cheap test to detect coronavirus on a reactive piece of paper will be available soon in India, where scientists developed it to help and halt the pandemic.

  • Brazil reports an always-deteriorating toll, and an-always high new infection toll with 30,026 cases in 24 hours. It reports this Saturday October 24, 571 deaths in 24 hours. The country reports 5,353,656 cases in totaland 156,471 deaths according to data given by the government. President Jair Bolsonaro has cancelled the purchase of 46 million Chinese CoronaVac vaccine doses, which was announced by his Health Minister.

  • In Germany, the new case toll stays high with 14,714 new infections in 24 hours. As of Saturday October 24, the country reports 418,005 cases, along with 10,003 deaths (+49) according the Robert Kosh institute. The country is experiencing a resurgence of the epidemic and implements new restrictions aiming at limiting the number of partygoers in private and public places. Germany has new trip restrictions implemented for Fall break. Authorities have issued gathering bans, a south Alpine canton is almost confined, and facemasks are mandatory in some streets in Berlin. Young people are currently the most exposed to the virus.
  • In France, according to the latest report from the health authorities as for the COVID-19 pandemic, about 1,041,075 cases have been reported (+42,032 in 24h) and 34,508 people have died. As of Friday October 23, 298 deaths in 24 hours have been reported. The death toll in nursing homes reaches 11,126  (+114) deaths23,382 people have died in hospitals (+184 in 24h).

  • Morocco is experiencing an increasing number of infections since the health emergency has been made softer which has been extended for another month this Thursday October 8, 2020. This Friday October 23, the country reports 3,685 new cases in 24 hours, a total of 186,731 cases. The country also reports 3,205 deaths (+73 in 24h). A lower case toll has been reported in the Casablanca-Settat area.
  • Italy reports this Friday October 23, 16,700 new infections have been reported in 24 hours, and 91 deaths in 24 hours. It now reaches 37,059 since the beginning of the epidemic. As of today, 484,869 cases have been confirmed so far. In Italy, the Naples region that was more or less spared by coronavirus this past Spring is no longer spared.

  • The United Kingdom reports 20,530 new cases in 24h as of Friday October 23, 2020 with a total of 830,998 cases, and 224 deaths in 24h, leading to a total of 44,571 deaths. In the UK, police can now check if the quarantine is respected.
  • Spain reports as of Friday October 23, 19,851 new cases, including 8,293 in 24h, that is to say 1,046,132 cases in total. The country reports 231 deaths in 24h, leading to a total of 34,752 deaths. After Madrid on "health emergency" since October 9, 2020, the Navarre area will be partially on lockdown from Thursday to curb the spread of coronavirus.
Data as of Saturday October 24, 2020:
  • Algeria faces a decreasing trend in new contamination cases. As of Saturday October 24, 55,630 cases (+273) and 1,897 deaths (+9) because of the epidemic have been reported. The decision to reopen borders is postponed to the end of the epidemic. Baccalaureate in Algeria: 9/20, the admission average, "exceptionally", because of Coronavirus.

  • Sweden is one of the rare countries to have not gone into confinement but only set up guidelines. As of today, Saturday October 24, 110,594 cases (+1,625) and 5,933 (+3) deaths have been reported. Facing Covid-19, Sweden promotes a "long-lasting" strategy. Sweden has experienced no lockdown and is not making facemask-wearing mandatory, the country has one of the lowest contamination rate in Europe. For a while, some people are raising their voices, claiming that in reality in Sweden there is "no immunity, no tests and a lot of deaths..."

  • Japan as of Saturday October 24 reports 614 new cases in 24 hours. 95,138 cases have been reported in total, and 1,694 deaths (+9in 24h). Japan is determined to host the 2021 Olympics. Designer Kenzo Takada has died at age 81 to coronavirus. Instead of tracking all infections, the Japanese 3-C-method consisting in looking (ahead of time) for super-contaminators seems to be working.

  • Romania is currently on alert. The country reports 201,032 cases (+5,028) and 6,245 deaths (+82) because of Covid-19. In Romania, social distancing measures are implemented, but facemasks are only mandatory in closed places.

  • Poland currently reports 228,318 (+13,632) contamination cases and 4,172 Covid-19 deaths (+153). Following resurgence in cases, the Varsaw stadium is turned into a hospital.

  • Iran reports 335 deaths in 24 hours taking it up to a total of 31,985 deaths and 556,891 cases reported (+6,134 in 24h). Facing the sharp increase in contaminations and deaths, the Iranian government has announced new restrictions, including the closure of cafés and gyms, as well as mandatory facemask-wearing in Teheran starting Saturday. Iran is facing what seem to be the "third coronavirus wave". This Monday October 19, the country records its darkest day since the coronavirus pandemic broke out.

  • Russia, as of Saturday October 24, reports 17,340 new cases leading to a total of 1,480,646 cases and 25,525 deaths (+283). Russia says their second vaccine has completed trials for phase 2. Russian Embassy Minister-adviser has said the vaccine developed in Russia against coronavirus was "effective" and "several people were vaccinated in Russia". A massive vaccine campaign against coronavirus will occur the next few months in the Russian capital, Moscow.
  • The epidemic is spreading in AfricaSouth Africa is the cradle of the pandemic on the African continent where the toll of new cases skyrockets and peaks. This Saturday October 24, the country reports 712,412 cases (+1,897) and 18,891 deaths (+48). South African Prime Minister has tested positive for coronavirus.

  • In Egypt, the number of infections increases. The country reports 106,230 cases (+170) and 6,176 deaths including 10 these past 24 hours. The plasma cure gives hope in Egypt.

  • Peru is still experiencing a very worrying situation, with 3,240 new cases today. As of Saturday October 24, the country reports 879,876 contamination cases, 34,033 deaths (+49). The country has exceeded the 30,000-death mark. Over 3,000 volunteers test the Chinese vaccine in Peru. Peru Ministry of Culture Alejandro Neyra announced that starting October 15, archeological sites of Sacsayahuaman, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Moray, Pikillacta and Tipon will reopen with a strict health protocol.

  • South Korea, as of Saturday October 24, reports 77 new infections. 25,775 cases in total, and 457 deaths (+2 in 24h) have been reported. South Korea proposes Russia to team up to develop vaccines against Covid. After making Covid-19 restrictions softer in South Korea, the public can return starting this Friday in K-League stadiums.

  • The number of new cases increases in China as the country reports 18 new Covid-19 infections in 24 hours. As of Saturday October 24, China reports 85,778 cases and 4,634 deaths (+0 in 5 months). China is testing an entire city after 6 coronavirus cases. China is said to start mass-vaccination against Covid. 

  • Belgium reports - as of Saturday October 24 - 17,568 new cases have been reported in 24 hours taking it up to a total of 287,700 cases. There have been 70 deaths in 24 hours, taking it to a total of 10,658 deaths. According to Belgium's Health minister, the country is at the verge of a "tsunami".

  • In Mexico, the epidemic keeps on spreading with 325 deaths reported in 24 hours, but it is said to be underestimated. The country currently counts over 974,226 infections (+5,123 in 24h) and 94,974 deaths in total. Mexico has exceeded Spain, France, Italy and the UK in terms of fatality. This is the fourth worst-hit country in terms of fatality behind Brazil and the United-States. A 54-year-old woman is the first Mexican to be infected both by Covid-19 and H1N1, Authorities said on Sunday.

  • In Israel, this Saturday October 24, 2020, 593 new cases, leading to a total of 308,840 cases have been reported. So far, 2,329 coronavirus deaths including 13 in 24h have been totaled. The country is starting containment exit on Sunday October 18, 2020. 

  • Venezuela reports 302 new cases in 24 hours, leading to 88,718 cases. The country - reporting 5 deaths in 24 hours and a total death toll of 764 to coronavirus since the pandemic broke out, orders strict quarantine all over the country. The first Russian vaccine has arrived on October 2, 2020 in Venezuela. Students are looking for Wi-Fi to attend online classes.
  • Chile, as of Saturday October 24, 2020, reports 1,494 new cases in 24 hours, and reports 498,906 cases and 13,844 deaths (+52). This past Tuesday, Chile has exceeded the 400-000 confirmed coronavirus case-mark. Santiago de Chile is almost fully out of lockdown. Chilean scientists study a possible mutation of the novel coronavirus in southern Patagonia. Other studies in Chile show the novel coronavirus could evolve adapting to its human hosts.

  • Portugal reports a growing number of new cases. As of Saturday October 24, 2,899 new infections have been reported, leading to a total of 112,440 and 2,276 deaths (+31) have been reported. The Portuguese government has extended this Thursday and until mid-October all gathering and stores' opening hours restrictions to fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, as the country is facing - like the rest of Europe - to a daily increase in infections. Portugal sparks outrage by wishing to make the tracking app mandatory.

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