Coronavirus: 74% of the French are said to have found a new passion during lockdown

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 28 May 2020 at 17h50
As France keeps on exiting containment, a study gives an update on hobbies and French for the 55 days of lockdown. Leisure, passions, culture, and even personal development, what is the result?

Let’s start with hobbies, how did lockdown change French people’s lives? According to a study carried out by Pyjam'Advisor, these 55 days have been marked by the experimentation of new hobbies. And for 74% of people surveyed, it ended up with new passions.

Speaking of which, how did they get busy for 55 days? The study presents a list of top activities during lockdown: first, we have cooking with 77%, followed closely by movies and series at 70%. As for music, it gets a score of 59%, right in front of digital visits at 57% and DIY at 52%. Books and games respectively set 46% and 38%, shows and plays make it to 36% and sport is only 9th with a score of 31%. Documentaries complete the top 10 with a 28% popularity.

At the end of lockdown, 49% of French felt they have learned a lot and 59% of them wanted to keep on practicing activities at home. Among the activities they want to keep practicing at home, concerts with 64%, cooking with 58% and sport with 53% tied with digital museum tours.

But this study also shows that the virtual discovery of new leisure made them want to discover those in real life. So, 84% of people surveyed intend to physically try the activities they digitally discovered.

*surveyed carried out between May 13 and 25, 2020 including 17,823 people representing France’s domestic population, according to the quota method. Survey completed online on BuzzPress France owning panel gathering over 21,216 people. All information given by people surveyed are declarative.

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