Covid: new health protocol for stores reopening

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 26 November 2020 at 11h52 · Updated on 26 November 2020 at 15h01
As all stores are to reopen starting November 28, a new health protocol will be instated. During a press brief held on November 26, deputy minister to the Minister of the Economy entrusted with SMBs Alain Griset has explained the reinforced health protocol. 8sqm per customer limit, one-way traffic when possible... Here are the new rules to comply with within stores.

How will “non-necessarystores reopen starting November 28 in France? Closed since nationwide lockdown was reinstated, local stores (hairdressers, bookstores, flower stores, closing stores and toy sores…) are allowed to reopen this Saturday November 28, 2020 on the condition they comply with reinforced health protocol.

A new protocol deputy minister to the Minister of the Economy entrusted with SMBs Alain Griset has explained during a new press brief on November 26 presided by Jean Castex.

Limited gauge in stores

Even though the gauge was already limited during the first lockdown exit, it could be lowered even more. “It involves moving from one person for 4sqm to one for 8sqm of sale area” Trade and Retail Federation (FCD) delegate general Jacques Creyssel says on November 16 to AFP.

News confirmed on November 26 by Alain Griset. "The gauge is taken to 8sqm per customer. This rule is simple and is applied to the total surface of sale" he said. Furthermore, Alain Griset said the staff will not be included. Therefore, the gauge is to be applied to customers only. Moreover, a couple with a child will only count for one customer.

Towards extended opening hours

"Storekeepers can extend their opening hours up to 9 p.m." the Minister said too. Furthermore, the government will make derogatory certificates easier to open on Sundays.

This is “the best answer to even the flow in stores for Christmas purchasing” retail federation specialist Procos and Alliance du Commerce told. “The possibility to reopen on Sundays in December and January, and extending opening hours must be able to meet this health challenge”, they went on in a joint release.

For the record, Minister Bruno Le Maire already spoke this past November 9 on BFMTV for softening stores opening hours, especially on Sundays, in order to allow storekeepers “to catch up the loss incomes as much as possible” at the time lockdown is lifted.

Implementing a one-way circulation

Last but not least, a one-way circulation within stores will be set up "when possible", Alain Griset. As for stores over 400sqm they will have to set up a counting system.

Other announcements? Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance. Furthermore, customers will be informed on the maximum capacity of the store. The minister also reminded that stores hit by the new lockdown will be helped by the solidarity fund. They can apply from December 4 on Alain Griset also promised quick payment and easier process.

Practical information

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