Covid-19 vaccine: The French government presents the country's vaccine strategy

Published by Cécile D., Laurent P. · Published on 16 December 2020 at 17h48
What is the French government’s covid vaccine strategy? On the occasion of the presidential address this Tuesday November 24, Emmanuel Macron detailed the national vaccination campaign. As for the vaccine strategy in France, it has been detailed this Thursday November 3, 3020. The vaccine campaign will unfold in three steps; vaccine will be free of charge for all and in priority to health caregivers and vulnerable people in nursing homes.

The vaccine strategy has been detailed this Thursday December 3, 2020 during the weekly press brief as to the health crisis by Prime Minister Jean Castex and Health Minister Olivier Véran.

Covid vaccine, a dream coming true… As French President Emmanuel Macron promised it, the vaccination campaign in France is expected to start by late December - early January. After confirming "the health situation is clearly improving" and that France will "soon move under 10,000 daily cases", Prime Minister has yet recalled "the situation remains fragile". Furthermore, the head of government has confirmed the vaccine campaign "will unfold in three steps" and the launch in France "is just a matter of weeks".

So far, European countries have created a "task force" in order to avoid the "first-come, first-served" and even prices, but they have to wait for the report of the European Medicines Agency planned on December 29, 2020. "Prices will be the same for all, at the same moment and in proportion with the population" Jean Castex explains. The government's three priorities as to the vaccine strategy are: "safety, transparency, proximity".

  • Christmas guidelines: no more than 6 adults at the table, excluding children
  • Vaccine free for all

  • Vaccine not compulsory

  • Three-step vaccine campaign

  • France will have 200 million doses possible

  • Vaccine strategy presented to the Parliament for "transparency"

  • 1 million people vaccinated during phase 1, nursing home staff and residents

  • 14 million people vaccinated during phase 2, early February 2021, mainly prioritized targets

  • In the spring, Phase 3 will enable to vaccinate the general public

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