Night trains in Europe: a Paris-Vienna trip in December 2021, and a Paris-Berlin in 2023

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 9 December 2020 at 11h10
Feel like traveling by night from one big European city to another big European city? Supported by four countries on the Old Continent including France, this project will return from December 2021 with a trip from Paris to Vienna. Then will follow trips from Paris to Berlin, and from Zurich to Rome.

This is a fact. With the coronavirus crisis and because of the global warming, more and more travelers choose to lower their carbon footprint using train. In Europe, more and more ideas are shared faced with the demands. Therefore, Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland have signed a treaty protocol in order to relaunch several pan-European nighttime train lines. Among the signatories, there are the Nightjet network the Austrian ÖBB night train line behind the renewal of night trains in Europe, as well as the German Deutsche Bahn, the Swiss Federal Railways and the French SNCF (French National Railway Company).

In concrete words, the first night train line to open will be the one linking Paris to Vienna, via Munich, expected for December 2021. 15 hours will be necessary to join the French capital to the Austrian capital. At the same time, a night train trip between Amsterdam and Zurich via Cologne will be inaugurated as well.

What is next? A Zurich-Rome trip in December 2022, as well as Berlin-Paris and Berlin-Brussels trips in December 2023. Last but not least a Zurich-Barcelona trip is expected for December 2024.

Tweet reads: “We’ve signed with DB_Bahn RailService unsereOBB a partnership to develop night train between our countries. A wonderful cooperation I’m proud of and a strong symbol for an ecological mobility asked by many”.

Even though departure and arrival cities have been unveiled, the detailed routes of these lines have not been shared yet, commercial partner SNCF told AFP.

Starting today, we move to TEE 2.0 (Trans Europe Express – Editor’s Note)” German minister for transport Andreas Scheuer said in an online press conference. As for SNCF CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou, he told AFP it was necessary to listen to the “youth (that) is less interested in traveling by plane”.

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