Nationwide lockdown exit, but local curbing measures, Emmanuel Macron announces

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by My B. · Published on 29 April 2021 at 17h53 · Updated on 30 April 2021 at 11h07
In an interview with the regional press, French President Emmanuel Macron detailed the lockdown exit plan. Although restrictions will be lifted on a nationwide basis, curbing measures will be instated in a local manner in the event of an epidemic surge.

There is ultimately no lockdown exit on a territory basis. This is what emerges from the detailed plan revealed this Thursday April 29, 2021 following an interview given by Emmanuel Macron to the regional daily press. Therefore, restrictions are to be progressively lifted but in a nationwide manner. For all that, does the idea of local measures disappear?

Visuel Paris Notre DameVisuel Paris Notre DameVisuel Paris Notre DameVisuel Paris Notre Dame Lockdown exit: Emmanuel Macron’s four-step plan
How is the government’s lockdown exit plan? While we are waiting for Emmanuel Macron’s statements expected in the regional press, here is what seems to be planned according to information revealed this Thursday April 29, 2021.

Not quite. In compliance with the plan detailed by Prime Minister Jean Castex this Wednesday April 28, 2021, the health emergency is to progressively come to an end starting from June 2, 2021. Past this day, and until October, the government has a transitory period allowing them to initiate local-based curbing measures in the event of a surge in the epidemic.

Therefore, although progressive lockdown exit does take place in a nationwide manner, “emergency brakes” can be used if the coronavirus epidemic situation requires. During the interview with the regional press, Emmanuel Macron details criteria that will make a territory apply new restrictions.

The first two are related to the incidence rate: if a metropolis or a department exceeds the 400-case-for-100,000-inhabitant threshold, or if there is a very brutal increase in this indicator. The third one is the risk of seeing resuscitation services overcrowded. These three criteria can lead to the blocking of the reopening calendar. It remains to be seen if by May 19, the entire country will be able to move to phase 2 of the lockdown exit.

Visuel Paris Louvre nuitVisuel Paris Louvre nuitVisuel Paris Louvre nuitVisuel Paris Louvre nuit Incidence rate in France as of Wednesday 12 May 2021
As France is on curfew from 6 p.m., the incidence rate by department remains an indicator to monitor very closely to know more about the evolution of the epidemic. As a matter of fact, even though departments exceeding the threshold of 200 positive cases for 100,000 inhabitants were first to make new measures to fight against the spread of the epidemic, including implementing extended curfew, brought forward to 6 p.m., the entire country now has to comply with the measure until the situation improves. Here are the incidence rates in each department as of Wednesday 12 May 2021."]

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