Covid: back to normal life is on its way, Jérôme Salomon claims

Published by Graziella L. · Updated on 6 September 2021 at 16h37 · Published on 5 September 2021 at 16h46
Health Director General Jérôme Salomon said this Sunday on BFMTV that the situation was improving, including a 20% decrease in Covid-19 case toll in one week.

On BFMTV, Health Director General Jérôme Salomon intended to sound optimistic as for the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic in France. He says, new Covid-19 cases have dropped by 20% this week, and although the situation remains difficult overseas, the hospitalization toll has been decreasing for several days, including in ICUs.

It could be the beginning of an improvement, although people have to stay cautious with school start. “We are in a decisive, crucial period, a major milestone amid this fourth wave”, Salomon stated. “I think the French are more and more united, they got how important vaccination is […], I am not worried”.

To this date, there are still about 10 million French not vaccinated, while the government’s goal to reach 50 million vaccinees will be achieved in a matter of days. “The leading priority is the eldest people”, the Health Director General says, who would rather use dialog. He explains “the more people are vaccinated in a community, the less the virus spreads. We create a collective barrier, a collective shield”.

Salomon also announced the “pending” arrival of Pfizer vaccines in pharmacies and city doctors. As for the health pass, he adds it is a “system lowering temporary risks, because the health pass will not be relevant for 15 years”, yet without specifying a deadline, while the government announced it will probably be renewed past November 15.

Not worried with the outbreak of the Mu variant, “anecdotic in France” so far, Salomon concludes “the virus will eventually disappear or become completely common. The more we are united, the closer the end is. We are on good tracks for normal life again”.

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