Vacation in Paris: Storekeepers to keep your luggage safe

Published by Audrey L. · Published on 2 August 2022 at 18h24
The collaborative baggage locker to save your vacation! Like Nannybag, over 250 stores in Paris will keep an eye on travelers’ baggage for a ridiculous price. A genuine relief to make sure you can make the most of your stay without any logistical issue!

On vacation, rental or availability hours for hotel bedrooms are often a source of issue. You have to be logistically prepared to make the most of your stay despite your baggage. Most hotels agree to keep your luggage behind the desk for a few hours before or after your stay, but it is not always ideal as you must stay in a limited area. To be free and move around the city has you wish, we have got you covered!

Out of the 3,200 train stations in France, only 8 provide baggage lockers, including 6 in Paris. A temporary solution, although lockers are limited in size, not very flexible hours and high rates.

Nannybag – the collaborative baggage locker – is your vacation savior! This startup allows travelers to leave their baggage in places near them, all in safety. As for Paris, over 250 stores, bars, independent hotels, bookstores, dry cleaner’s, gyms, souvenir stores… are available in the network.

Since it was created 5 years ago, Nannybag has already looked after a million pieces of baggage and has settled in 40 countries. The La Poste subsidiary baggage locker service Pickup joined the network of the Paris-based startup and lifted it to the rank of French and European leader of travelers’ baggage service.

With 70,000 deposition points more, this is a huge perspective”, Nannybag founder Mathieu Ballester claims. Furthermore, he expects to crisscross the city: “the goal is to get a facility every 500 meters, and by each metro station”. The most requested locations are near train stations and main cultural venues.

In practice, on the Nannybag application, select your “nanny” thanks to geolocation, save the day, time of deposition and pickup. Allow €6 per piece of baggage and per day.

The startup also allows to support partnering storekeepers at the same time, for the “nannies” are paid 50% of each reservation. The number of travelers generates more visits to their places and therefore more visibility.

You no longer have excuse not to wander around the city!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
On 31 July 2022


    Tarif par bagage et par jour: €6

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