Paris 2024 Summer Olympics: gender-equality, breakdance confirmed, 50km walk men retired, novelties

Published by Alexandre G. · Updated on 9 December 2020 at 10h45 · Published on 8 December 2020 at 12h08
This Monday December 7, the International Olympic Committee addressed the new disciplines for the upcoming Olympic Games Paris 2024: eight new disciplines have been selected! Breakdance has been added, and the 50km walk men retired for total gender equality. A first in history.

Paris 2024 program has been updated. This Monday December 7, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has shared news as to the upcoming Olympics said to take place in four years in Paris. New disciplines on the menu and a first in history of the Olympic Games: gender equality!

Yes, for the first time in history, the Paris Olympic Games 2024 will be gender equal. What does gender equality mean? This is the IOC and the OCOG’s will to make it possible to have as many women and men competing in the Olympics. Furthermore, organizers remind the historic character of this decision, since the first women to have been allowed to take part in the Olympics were competing in 1900 in… Paris! Out of the 10,500 athletes expected, 5,250 will be women.

Breakdance, climbing, skateboard and surf approved

Furthermore, this is not the only news announced by the IOC this Monday: four extra disciplines have been approved by the organizing body. There will be breakdance and skateboard at the Place de la Concorde. As for surf and climbing, they complete the picture. Disciplines selected “focusing on youth” Tony Estanguet explained when presenting the extra disciplines in February 2019, including the ability “to be shared on social networks”.

From now on, the four aforementioned sports are part of the 28 sports approved by the IOC. Yet, other candidates are on the waiting list. Extra disciplines such as coastal and offshore rowing or parkour has not been named. As for weightlifting, because of the doping history pulling down the sport convinced the IOC to remove half of the challenges initially planned.

Finn dinghy and 50km walk men removed

Yet, the approval of these disciplines irremediably leads to the removal of others. Unfortunately, calls must be made to create an Olympian program. And members of the IOC and the OCOG Paris 2024 know it well: out of the 28 sports represented, 20 asked for new ones. New challenges expected in some disciplines, but that do not require new facilities or a new layout to organize the Olympic sites – a genuine brain-teaser.

Therefore, the IOC has named 8 new challenges in order to show gender-equality – undoubtedly the reason behind these decisions. Finn dinghy and its mainsail, as well as challenges of 470 makes and women give way to 470 mixed, kite surf and offshore racing are said to be added to the Olympics sailing program.

Same call in athleticism since the IOC has said a mixed challenge will replace the 50km walk (no Yohann Diniz on 50km…), as well as canoeing since men and women extreme slalom is chosen over the two other races. Opposite path for boxing, with a men (light weight) category that is favored to the same in women. Shooting changes as well with mixed skeet replacing trap (or ball-trap). Now that we know the program better, we are looking forward to Paris Olympic Games 2024!

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