St. Patrick’s Day in Paris 2019

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations will be happening in Paris and around the world this Sunday, March 17, 2019. As usual, you’re excited by the idea of going out in Paris and celebrating Saint Patrick (after all, any excuse is a good excuse to go out and party, whether it’s for Patrick or Catherine or whoever!) but you’re still wondering where to go...Here are some tips that can help you in your search:

Are you crazy about the idea of getting dressed up in all green, listening to Celtic music and drinking beer? That’s because St. Patrick’s Day 2019 is right around the corner.

This year, discover the events and activities that will be happening in Paris for this international holiday. 

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Of course, Saint Patrick’s Day is first and foremost celebrated in Irish pubs. Discover the best bars to spend a night you’re not ready to forget:

  • The best Irish pubs in Paris for Saint Patrick’s Day
    Like every year, this year's St. Patrick’s Day will be on March 17, 2019. While there are many concerts and parties that that will be happening throughout the city, some of us prefer crashing a good Irish pub to find that authentic Irish ambiance.To help you in your search, Sortiraparis has put together a guide of the best Irish pubs in Paris to celebrate a unique and exceptional St. Patrick’s Day.

Stay tuned to find new parties, concerts and events dedicated to Saint Patrick’s Day 2019.

Whether you’re in green or not, the editorial board wish you all a very happy Saint Patrick’s Day in Paris!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 1 February 2019

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