Techno Parade 2022: the electro music float parade returns soon to Paris

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Published by Caroline J. · Published on 25 July 2022 at 14h21
After being cancelled twice over the health crisis, the Techno Parade will not return to Paris streets! The musical and free event, that highlights culture and electro music every year returns on September 24, 2022. Stay tuned to find out more about the floats and artists invited on the occasion, without forgetting the route of this Techno Parade 2022 in Paris.

As it happens each year at the same time, electro music fans are gathering in Paris to dance to beats played by Techno Parade floats. But because of the health crisis, and social distancing measures, organizers of the electro event announced they do not have a choice but cancel the 2020 event.

In 2021, the Techno Parade as we know was cancelled too. Yet, promotors decided to adapt to the crisis and provide an exclusive format in partnership with the ZUT - the Zone d'Urgence de Fête - set in La Villette.

This Fall 2022, electro music fans are likely to be happy again, since the Techno Parade is back with a huge float parade after being off for two years! Save the date, the Techno Parade 2022 is not to be missed this Saturday September 24 in Paris.

Techno Parade 2015Techno Parade 2015Techno Parade 2015Techno Parade 2015

Officially launched in 1998 by TechnopolTechno Parade has been canceled once before. It was in 2001 after the World Trade Center attacks in New York. Since then, the Techno Parade is inspired by the famous and unmissable Love Parade created in 1989 in Berlin, and that turned 20 in 2018.

Techno Parade Paris 2016Techno Parade Paris 2016Techno Parade Paris 2016Techno Parade Paris 2016

For the record, every year, this event brings together dozens of hundreds of electro music fans in the streets of Paris. In 2019, about 200,000 of them showed up.

So, are you ready to enjoy the Techno Parade floats and dance in the streets of Paris to the beats of house, disco and electro music again? Meet this Fall 2022 to enjoy this new Techno Parade in Paris. And stay tuned to find out more about the floats and guests, as well as the detailed route.

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On 24 September 2022



    75 Paris


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