Maison Gainsbourg in Paris: the museum dedicated to the singer to open in the spring 2022

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5bis rue de Verneuil in Paris 7th arrondissement is one of the landmarks in town. Place of pilgrimage for many people, this house, covered in graffiti, has been for over 20 years the house of the illustrious Serge Gainsbourg. This is now official; his house will be turned into a museum dedicated to the singer. A bookstore, a café-restaurant, as well as a piano-bar will feature. Be a little bit more patient! Maison Gainsbourg is the name given to this new cultural venue in Paris and is said to open in the spring 2022.

When will Serge Gainsbourg’s legendary house – set 5bis rue de Verneuil in Paris – be transformed into a museum dedicated to the singer? According to Maison Gainsbourg’s Instragram page – the name given to the upcoming cultural venue in Paris – the first visitors are expected for spring 2022. In the meantime, the ticketing service will open soon.

But what to expect in the Maison Gainsbourg museum? According to the official website, two locations are to be visited, starting with 5 bis rue de Verneuil, where the cabbage-head man lived between 1969 and 1991, and 14 rue de Verneuil that will house a museum, as well as Maison Gainsbourg bookstore. Here, fans of the singer can (re)discover the different facets of the artist through eras all along his career: the Left Bank in the early 60’s, the Swinging London in the 70’s and 80’s, between palaces and the Palace.

To top it all, 14 rue de Verneuil will unveil a hybrid place, called Gainsbarre. The latter will be used as a café-restaurant by day, serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon teas, and by night, as a cocktail bar and restaurant, and a piano-bar inspired by Serge Gainsbourg’s early years. For the record, the French singer passed away on March 2, 1991.

Maison Gainsbourg will then propose a genuine tour with on one hand, an intimate tour of the singer’s former house, guided by an immersive audio experience for about thirty minutes, and on the other hand, a dive into the life, work and career of Serge Gainsbourg.

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For the record, Jane Birkin intended Serge Gainsbourg’s house was to be turned into a museum in an interview for Jack. “I think Charlotte will open the rue de Verneuil [sic], nothing has changed since the day he died. Objects are intact, it seems he just went to bed. Charlotte has been taking care of everything for thirty years. She is a prodigal child, she saved everything like in Sleeping Beauty”, the artist said. Charlotte Gainsbourg indeed inherited her father’s house and expects to turn it into a museum soon, although the project seems complicated. “It was difficult to leave everything as seen for the public and, it is very small, so very difficult to turn into a museum. This is quite a lonely work but I think she found solutions”, Birkin added.

Already in 2018, in an interview with France Inter, Charlotte Gainsbourg said she wanted to turn her father’s house into a museum. “It means a lot to me […], this is why I want to open it and make it a museum, I am once again working on a project I hope will come to life. Perhaps not tomorrow but soon”. A year earlier, she said on Quotidien TV show nothing has changed inside. “No, it has not changed, I could not ever dare touch anything. Stuff have exploded in the fridge; I did not know you cannot keep cans. It explodes. But this is it, it was important to me”.

Maison Gainsbourg à Paris : ouverture du musée dédié au chanteur début 2022Maison Gainsbourg à Paris : ouverture du musée dédié au chanteur début 2022Maison Gainsbourg à Paris : ouverture du musée dédié au chanteur début 2022Maison Gainsbourg à Paris : ouverture du musée dédié au chanteur début 2022

Fans of the irreplaceable Serge Gainsbourg are expected in the spring 2022 in Paris 7th arrondissement to visit Maison Gainsbourg museum.

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