The Pont de l’Alma in Paris

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Infamous since 1997 and the death of Princess Diana, the Pont de l’Alma yet offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Eiffel Tower and a surprising way to assess the water risings during the large floods of the Seine.

You can’t walk the Pont de l’Alma without thinking about the tragic car crash that cost Princess Diana’s life in the tunnel of the Pont de l’Alma back in 1997, set between the bridge and the Place de l’Alma. It’s on this square that erects the Flame of Liberty given by American newspapers Herald Tribune in 1897 in order to commemorate the French-American friendship. And it’s on this monument that every day, admirers of the princess come to commune with themselves.

But let’s return on the story of this infamous road bridge. The inauguration of the Pont de l’Alma should have been held on the 1855 World Fair, but since the bridge wasn’t done on due date, it’s been inaugurated a year later, in 1856 by Napoleon III. The latter wanted, with the construction of the bridge, celebrate the campaign in Crimea in 1854. It’s to celebrate this very victory the bridge is then adorned with four big statues of soldiers set on its pillars: the Zouave, the grenadier, the skirmisher and the artilleryman.

Histoire du Pont de l'AlmaHistoire du Pont de l'AlmaHistoire du Pont de l'AlmaHistoire du Pont de l'Alma

Out of these four statues, now remains the Zouave only, the three other statues having joined other French regions after the bridge has been reconstructed in 1970 following the collapse of the first one. For the record, since always, the statue of the Zouave allows Parisians to measure the level of the Seine during the large Parisian floods. During the 1910 floods, for example, the level of the water reached the Zouave’s shoulders!

The current Pont de l’Alma, covering 142 meters (466 ft) is made of steel and offers an unobstructed view on the Eiffel Tower. There are lovely pictures to be taken in this area, we’ve warned you!

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