Paris Fury Room to let off steam

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 29 June 2021 at 15h26
Feel like on the verge of breaking it all? Head to the Fury Room that reopened this past May 12 to let off steam without having to clean everything up after. Such a good idea in Paris!

Aaaah... If only there was a place in Paris where you could let off steam in peace... Oh! But it does exist already! Here is the Fury Room and it reopened this past May 12!

Rumor has it than in the heart of Paris 2nd arrondissement, this Fury Room expects you so you can let off steam! This room gets inspired by a unique concept coming straight from Japan and that expand across the world under different names: Rage Room, Anger Room

In Paris, the concept is created with the name Fury Room. The idea? Venting anger and rage caused by varied factors: stress, fatigue, commute lateness, traffic jam, work…

But how do these venting-rooms work? Costing from €20 to a hundred euros, several packages with clear-cut names (Housebreaker, Chaos, Madness, Riot, Madhouse…) are provided with sessions from 10 to 45 minutes according how angry you feel that day.

Fury Room ParisFury Room ParisFury Room ParisFury Room Paris

On your own or with other people, the Fury Room provides you with things to break and demolish (screens, plates, bottles, glasses, bricks, printers, furniture…). Once you’re protected, you can smash it all with a baseball batt or a mallet and you can let off steam and ultimately, you will leave feeling relieved and at peace!

It’s a way to let off steam for those who are tired of daily grind. Among our clients, we have many young employees working in open space, especially in start-ups who are, all day long, in front of their screen. Instead of an after-work party with their colleagues at the local pub, they come visit us” the place co-manager, Aurélie Bezard, told newspaper Le Parisien.

So, if you feel like trying it, head to Paris Fury Room now!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 12 May 2020



    23 Rue Blondel
    75002 Paris 2

    à partir de: €20

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