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Paris Escape Game Crack the Egg sets its first mission going: Chinatown

Published on 20 November 2017 By Julie M.
l'Escape Game Crack the Egg lance sa première mission : Chinatown

Practical information

46 Avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris 12

Metro 1 & 14 - Gare de Lyon

108 euros (semaine et avant 18h)
126 euros (soir et weekend)

A partir de 12 ans

Avenue Daumesnil Escape Game, Crack the Egg invites you on a trip to the heart of San Francisco Triade in the late 70’s. Investigate to find the legendary egg that shook up the course of History and transformed men’s fate without anyone succeeding in decoding its secrets…

Crack the Egg is a young escape game brand created by two game-enthusiasts that opened in Paris in September 2017 a stone’s throw from the Gare de Lyon.

Crack The Egg escape rooms have been thought up like a trilogy which opuses are bound together by a common theme: the Egg. The first chapter of the Egg quest, “Chinatown: dans les Griffes de la Triade” [Chinatown: in the grip of the Triade] got the ball rolling. The second chapter will be revealed in December 2017 and the next in Spring 2018.

l'Escape Game Crack the Egg lance sa première mission : Chinatown

In each room, players can, in addition to their main goal, complete an additional mission, find the egg and eventually crack its secrets.

The story:

Winter 1979, San Francisco.
An ancient feud opposes our Clan to the Triade Sun Tee On ruling the criminal classes of Chinatown and controlling the neighborhood with terror.

The Triade, at the head of a major smuggling traffic, holds, hidden in a secret place, a priceless object that we’ve been coveting for millenniums.

Thanks to our network of informers, we’ve got the address of the Triade’s hiding place. Our orders are clear: while Chinese New Year’s festivities will be in full swing, the traditional peace will be broken, and we’ll take action.

Young initiated, you swore loyalty to our Clan! This mission will be your rite of passage: infiltrate the place, locate the object and steal it. Your honor depends on it.

Difficulty level: average +

l'Escape Game Crack the Egg lance sa première mission : Chinatown


Crack The Egg offers a complete immersion in the late 70’s Chinatown in full gangs war between the Triade and the Yakuza.

The decors of the escape room are very realistic and authentic. Enigmas are hard enough to make players’ brains work but it possible to finish the game with no help and in time.

In short, a very pleasant lovely escape game to complete whether you’re a beginner or a skilled player.

Practical information:
Crack the Egg (website in French)
3 to 6 players
From 12 years old

  • €108 in the week before 6 p.m.
  • €126 in the evening and weekend 

Duration: 1 hour
Information and booking online

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