Travel through time with L’Antichambre new escape game in Paris: Time Machine

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 30 May 2018 at 11h17 · Updated on 16 November 2018 at 09h31
L’Antichambre, one of the leaders in the field of Escape Games in Paris, has just opened a brand-new room within its new complex on rue Blondel. Entitled Time Machine, the latter will have you travel through time looking for an eminent professor…

Remember, a few weeks ago, we were talking about it… L’Antichambre, one of the pioneers of Escape Games in France, opened three new rooks in a new facility on Paris rue Blondel: Galaxie, Shogun and Crypt that we tried. Three rooms to be followed – in January 2018 – by the opening of a new room… And it’s now opened since the new escape game facility now offers visitors the house’s novelty: Time Machine.

What is this new room about? You will have to leave in the footsteps of professor Laurentius Abe Sterling, a very curious scientist who managed to build a time machine. Yet, because of a “tiny miscalculation”, professor Sterling is stuck inside a crack in space and time. You will have to enter his lab and solve varied enigmas to find his time machine and be given a chance to bring him in our own time and space.

A room inspired by the one existing in Budapest, at Mystique Room, and taking you to a retro-futuristic and Jules-Verne like universe. Speaking of difficulty, it’s an expert-level room, a certain experience in terms of escape games is strongly advised if you want to have the chance to make it on time. So, ready to travel through time?

Practical information:
Rates: €64 for 2 players, €78 for 3, €88 for 4, €95 for 5, €102 for 6
Super Deal rates: €44 for 2 players, €60 for 3, €72 for 4, €80 for 5, €84 for 6

Practical information


10 Rue Blondel
75003 Paris 3

Métro ligne 4, 8 et 9 station Strasbourg Saint-Denis (sortie 2)

Tarif Super Deal: 14-22 €
Tarif Heures Creuses: 17-32 €
Tarif Heures Pleines: 22-40 €

Recommended age
From 12 years old

Official website

More informations
Ouvert tous les jours de 10h à 23h. De 2 à 6 joueurs.

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