Phobia Escape Game, the escape game that pays ne heed to padlocks and other codes!

Escape game enthusiasts, we’ve found a new way to play! Phobia Escape Game, set in Paris 13th arrondissement, shakes up the way to grasp the escape game by offering players a total immersion in varied universes, the whole, locked up in a room with no codes nor padlocks to move and escape. Without any timer as well… Ready to take the challenge up?

If you’re looking for a new way to grasp escape games, Phobia Escape Game was made for you! Since its opening in March 2017, the place offers several rooms that will have your nerves and gray matter sorely test… So far, nothing unusual, although Phobia Escape Game is slightly different from the other places offering this kind of game: here, no padlocks nor codes that are “disconnected from the real world”. For one hour, you’re immersed in a room that you must escape from by activating very inventive mechanisms for a real-life experience, according to the situation you’re facing. No more robbery or surviving aboard a plane

All in all, four rooms are available for thrills enthusiasts: Loft 13, Da Vinci, Houdini and House of Ghost. The first one, Loft 13, takes you in a loft in the 13th arrondissement, in which ritual murders seem to have been committed by a very odd sect. obviously you have to look into it. The second room, Da Vinci offers the best robber team in the world (which is you) to infiltrate the Louvre to look for clues left by Leonardo Da Vinci about the Graal. Finally, the last one, Houdini makes you relive Harry Houdini’s history, the famous illusionist that used to love getting all chained up, you will have to escape the room while being tied up.

Phobia Escape Game, le jeu d'évasion qui fait fi des cadenas et autres codes !

Visitors can even test a brand-new room, House of Ghost and look into the disappearance of the Morel family in 1924. An experience that differs from the others since no timer is available to give you an idea of how much time you have left to escape (it’s the case for the Da Vinci room). All missions are available in English, and the rooms are accessible for everyone, if they’re accompanied (at least 10 years old for Da Vinci accompanied by an adult, 14 years old on their own, at least 12 years old accompanied by an adult for Houdini, 14 years old on their own, and 16 years old for the Loft). The Loft room is also accessible to people in a wheelchair. Shall we go there, friends?

Laurent P.
Last updated on 19 April 2018

Practical information


127 Rue Jeanne d'Arc
75013 Paris 13

métro ligne 5 station "Campo-Formio"

Salle Loft: 70 €
Salle Da Vinci, heures creuses: 100 €
Salle Houdini, heures creuses: 100 €
Salle Da Vinci, heures pleines: 120 €
Salle Houdini, heures pleines: 120 €

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Ouvert tous les jours de 9h45 à 23h15

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