La Mer de Sable Theme Park unveils what’s new for 2018

This beautiful family theme park in the middle of nature is opening its doors for a new season from April 14 to November 4, 2018. For even more fun, the park takes on a new form and offers a very spicy season with a new Mexican universe and 2 new attractions. Discover the schedule of events.

La Mer de Sable is the family theme park par excellence. Located at the heart of a sand plain, this 50-year old park has everything to seduce children and adults. These past few years, the park renews every season to seduce even more. New attractons, new shows, new events, it's time to grab your schedule and prepare yourself to play cowboys and Indians.

Situated in a beautiful location in the Ermenonville forest, the Mer de Sable will transport you to other time periods and places for incredible adventures with the whole family.

 Young and old adventurers can enjoy three amazing worlds:

  • The desert land with huge dunes, “Les Portes du Désert
  • The Wild West world, “Aux temps des Pionniers
  • The mysterious and colorful world, “La Jungle
  • New in 2018: a Mexican universe

La Mer de Sable 2018 et ses nouveautés

This year, 2 new attractions are on the menu. Face the tentacles of Tornado on the Mexican village square and fly aboard the Condor to travel through the time of the Aztecs.

La Mer de Sable 2018 et ses nouveautés

Like last year, we find the rapids of the Cheyenne River, the Jungle of the Chipakas, we fly like a parakeet or take a wild safari ride in a jeep. These are just some of the experiences that are waiting for you at the Mer de Sables!

Mer de Sable 2015

This is a life-sized park with about thirty attractions and a large outdoor stage that hosts unique and lively shows.

Mer de Sable 2016

Spectacular shows are waiting for you. Unique street performances, the famous train attack on the dune, horse-acrobatics exploits and stunts are on the menu.

  • The train attack
    “A genuine return to the roots for Georges Branche who created this show in the 70’s. It is a brand-new challenge for him as he offers a rearranged version of the show that made the park famous.
    Immersed at the time of the gold rush, you will be like pioneers crossing the lands and mountains to join the Far West but protect yourself from bandit attacks.”
    Duration: 15 minutes. Daily performance at 2:30 p.m. at the Dune

    La Mer de Sable - Train
  • Willy West
    In West City unparalleled décor, La Mer de Sable offers a ludicrous comedy cadenced by stunts and special effects. The show unveils its emblematic character for the first time, Willy West, that young adventurers can meet later in the park throughout the day. A scenario staged by Georges Branche and played by 7 actors, stunt men, without forgetting horses!
    Duration: 22 minutes. Daily performance at 11:30 at the Ranch.

    Mer de Sable 2017
  • The Appache’s challenge “The most famous Indian tribes are the Sioux, the Cheyenne, the Iroquois or the Apache. Indians lived in harmony with nature and with respect of animals. Discover how Indians talk to horses thanks to demonstrations of dressage and horse-acrobatics.”
    Duration: 25 minutes. Daily performance at 4:15 p.m. at the Coral

We also discover:

The 3 latest attractions open in 2016 at La Mer de Sable:

  • SIMOUNThis new ride will be open from April 2nd, 2016, in the “Portes du Désert” area of the park. When you ride this “Disk’o,” you’re in the middle of a whirlwind, as the name Simoun (a hot desert wind in the Sahara) suggests. 24 adventurers hop aboard and are strapped into their seats around a large disk, facing outward. The disk runs along a U-shaped track while spinning around.
    Must be at least 1.2m (about 4 feet) to ride

    Mer de Sable 2016

    People of all ages can ride a gondola through the shallow waters of an Oriental Souk while spinning around, being sprayed by water canons attached to each boat. There will be lots of splashes, and and a whole lot of laughs, guaranteed! Spectators can even spray the people sitting down in the ride by climbing up on the surrounding decorations and joining in the fun!
    Between 90cm 1.2m tall must be accompanied by an adult.

    Mer de Sable 2017
    The Mer de Sable opend this third attraction in 2016, set in the western theme area of the park. It’s a new and wild ride for kids, on a triple loop rail, visitors get in spinning cars for an express trip to pioneer times.
    Between 90cm 1.2m tall must be accompanied by an adult. Free access to riders less than 1.1m tall.

    Mer de Sable 2017

As well as:

  • La Rivière Sauvage
    Loyal riders and park visitors will be happy to note that the Rivière Sauvage (Savage River) has reopened. With new more comfortable and spacious rafts, you can now ride with larger groups (up to 6 people at a time.) Get a taste of summer and cool off after crossing the sandy dunes on the train or riding on the back of a pony.
    The Rivière Sauvage is one of the most beloved attractions in the park, taking you on a journey through canyons and down through rapid waters. Must be 1m tall to ride, between 1m and 1.4m must be accompanied by an adult.

    La Mer de Sable 2015
  • Conquest of the West
    Ride the Train des Sables and discover the new area dedicated to the Conquest of the West. Discover cowboys and Indians’ universe, Indian tales and legends and become the best gold digger.

Among this season’s highlights (dates coming soon:

  • Easter eggs hunt
    La Mer de Sable organizes a great morning Easter eggs hunt to unearth treasures buried in the sand.

  • Les foulées de la Mer de Sable 
    A set of races for toddlers, adventurers or true sand runners.

  • National Day
    On  July 13, the dune will be the background of a sound and light show! Attractions will be opened until 8 p.m. On the menu: fireworks, live music and food service. Free access to the park starting from 6 p.m.

  • L’épouvantable Mer de Sable (The ghastly Mer de Sable)
    For the first time, La Mer de Sable extends the season to offer a new face to adventuring families. Ghastly surprises, ghastly characters and monstrous attractions await…

Well, you get the idea...this park is perfect for small children, and won’t have you waiting in lines all day.

Practical Information:
Official website: La Mer de Sable
From April 14 to November 4, 2018
See the Calendar of Events

Billet Liberté
Adult (starting from 12): €26.50 / child (from 3-11 years): €21
Season Pass 2018: Adult €59 / Child (from 3-11 years): €49

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Last updated on 23 April 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 14 April 2018 to 4 November 2018



    La Mer de Sable
    60950 Ermenonville

    De Paris (45 mn), Autoroute A1, sortie 7, direction Ermenonville

    3-11 ans: 21 €
    adultes: 26,50 €
    pass saison enfant: 49 €
    pass saison adulte: 59 €

    Recommended age
    For all

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