Coronavirus: how is the RATP getting ready against the threat in Paris

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on March 3rd, 2020 at 03:51 p.m.
With the threat of coronavirus upon Paris, the RATP – Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration – announces health measures and an action plan to protect their staff. So far, no special measure as for commuters have been announced.

At the RATP, everything is being settled to face the imminent spread of coronavirus. While the coronavirus pandemic is already striking in France and in Paris, where two people have reportedly died, the RATP will answer their commuters’ and staff’s worries. The risk of the Covid-19 pandemic has never been greater in Paris and Île-de-France.

First concreted action: providing RATP staff with face masks and gloves as well as hand sanitizers. It’s now done since the transportation company is stocking up face masks and gloves to protect employees. Yet, it didn’t prevent two RATP agents to show the threat of a propagation.

Back from vacations, they’ve been called only a few days after being back by their tour operators and have been asked to stay home. At that moment, they already resumed work for a day and exposed their colleagues to a possible contamination. So far, none of the two agents have been declared positive to coronavirus.

Yet, the RATP trade union, the UNSA, shows the many issues of the intervention and emergency processes settled by the administration. What are the concrete actions to carry out to protect travelers on a daily basis? Today, the RATP management board has no special measure to settle and follows the government’s recommendations. A period of waiting that coulb be explained by the necessary care for such an uncertain situation.

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