Covid: self-tests under medical supervision valid again for the health pass

Published by Manon C. · Published on 8 November 2021 at 15h33
While the government announced self-tests were no longer valid to get a health pass past October 15, the Council of State has invalidated this decision and acknowledges again the validity of self-tests under medical supervision to get a health pass.

Starting from October 15, 2021, self-tests supervised by health professionals will no longer enable to get a health pass. This is what the health minister announced in early October. As a matter of fact, only PCR and antigenic tests were able to generate a QR-code for 72 hours, but without being repaid - for the record, only people with a medical prescription or vaccinated can get tested for free.

But on Monday November 8, 2021, the Council of State has invalidated the government's decision of excluding self-tests medically supervised and re-includes the latter in the conditions to get a health pass. This past October 29, the Council of State threw the decree out that especially read: "2° at the 1° of I of article 47-1, words 'test or self-test' are replaced by 'or a test'".

"The Health minister appealing to no reason likely to justify this removal or to hinder the hanging of its enactment, the application of the litigious decree is likely to harm the situation of the applicants and the interests they intend to advocate for", according to LCI that could read the unpublished decree in question.

Self-tests medically supervised - which result is known in 15 minutes only - therefore enable again to get a health pass.

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