Easter 2024 sports chocolates from Edwart Chocolatier

Published by Manon de Sortiraparis, My de Sortiraparis · Published on February 28th, 2024 at 11:36 a.m.
For its Easter 2024 chocolate collection, Edwin Yansané is keeping up with current events in Paris and inviting us to take part in sporting events!

Every year, we wait impatiently for the unveiling of the original Easter chocolates imagined by Edwart Chocolatier, because gourmands addicted to cocoa andEdwin Yansané 's creations know that a new themed collection means a creative, magical and unique universe!

AndEdwart Chocolatier 's Easter 2024 collection is no exception! This year, the chocolatier is sticking to thelatest Paris news, offering us the chance to watch sporting events involving cute rabbits, reminiscent of those to be held in Paris this summer! As usual, Grands Crus de Cacao are the ingredients of these creations, which will delight both young and old sweet tooths during the month of March.

On the program: Edgar the hurdler (41€, 310g) filled with fried, mini praline eggs and placed on a base of roasted Japanese buckwheat praline or a base of feuilletine praline; available in dark chocolate from Tanzania 68% or milk from Tanzania 38%.

Also available are Carotte (29.5€, 180g), a dark or milk chocolate version, topped with either dark or milk croustibilles and coated pistachios; Albert s'enterre (36€, 220g) topped with fried and mini praline eggs, with a toasted Japanese buckwheat praline or feuilletine praline base; but also Le Podium (49€, 400g), in dark Tanzanian 68% or milk Tanzanian 38% chocolate, with a feuilletine praline or roasted Japanese buckwheat praline base. A creation garnished with fried and mini praline eggs, the largest of which is filled with sugared pistachios.

And don't forget the Oeufs Coque (from 22€), trompe-l'oeil eggs available in 3 versions: the Oeuf Grain Vert in milk chocolate filled with pistachio praline, the Oeuf Grain Noir in dark chocolate filled with vegan signature hazelnut praline and the Oeuf cacahuète in milk chocolate filled with irresistible peanut praline).

Alternatively, the mini-egg praline box (€14.5 for 8 eggs, €21 for 12 eggs) will satisfy appetites and invite sharing, with three Edwart signature pralines: the Vanila Pangang corn praline, the Papua New Guinea roasted vanilla praline and the Ker Edwart Piedmont hazelnut and feuilletine praline.

Edwart Chocolatier remains, as ever, the maestro of pralines in Paris!
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