Paris best baguette winner is… Leroy Monti bakery in the 12th arrondissement

Published by Caroline J. · Published on April 18, 2019 at 03:01 p.m.
Were you wondering where you can enjoy the best baguette 2019 in Paris? Head to the Leroy-Monti bakery in the 12th arrondissement. At the head of the bakery, Fabrice Leroy indeed won the 25th edition of the Grand Prix de la meilleure baguette de tradition Parisienne [Great Prize of the best Parisian traditional baguette].

Fabrice Leroy has defeated last year’s winner Mahmoud M’seddi from the M’seddi bakery in Paris 1’th arrondissement and wins the contest for best baguette in Paris 2019.

To discover and enjoy this best Parisian traditional baguette 2019, you have to head to Paris 12th arrondissement and come on in the Leroy-Monti bakery set at 203 avenue Daumesnil.

And this victory seems to be a huge surprise for Fabrice Leroy. “I wasn’t expecting it at all. It’s the second time I was contesting. It’s a small challenge between baker friends. I’ve been my own boss for two years only. I’ve just settled in. Before I was a project manager at the SNCF” he told to newspaper Le Parisien.

For the record the Great Prize of the best Parisian traditional baguette is held every year by the Ville de Paris. It’s a contest of bakers’ baguettes in the French capital.

The baguette by baker and pâtissier Fabrice Leroy has succeeded in seducing the jury and stand out from the 227 contesting baguettes.

Thanks to this victory, Fabrice Leroy won €4000. He will also supply the Elysée Palace for a year.

Congratulations to him!

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203 Avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris 12

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