Exclusive: Alain Ducasse to get into cookies, “I want to bake the best cookies in the world”

Published by · Photos by My de Sortiraparis · Published on July 6th, 2021 at 12:08 p.m.
Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse told us about his upcoming project in exclusivity: a cookie and shortbread manufacture. After chocolate, coffee, and ice creams, Alain Ducasse wants to bake “the best cookies in the world”!

Invited on our live TikTok show, international French cuisine ambassador chef Alain Ducasse addressed his projects, Sapid, and a cookie manufacture. “After coffee, chocolate, ice creams, and sorbets, I will certainly become a cookie-maker in a few months”, the 18-Michelin-star chef claimed. He wishes to sell cookies and shortbreads.

It is always a bit of work to place several different things, and I want to bake the best cookies in the world as I hope to make the best ice creams and sorbets in the world”, he told us, explaining the time period between the idea and the opening to the public.

We owe him the concept of “naturality”, food “good for consumers’ health and good for the planet”, coming in dishes and ingredients he sources and even grows in his vegetable gardens and manufactures. He then opened a vegetable garden in Versailles – by the Queen’s Hamlet – as well as a Chocolate Manufacture, a Coffee Manufacture and an Ice Cream Manufacture.

When it comes to a message to convey to the youngest, “I am very worried when I see fires spreading, it is certainly a bit because of us, so we do need to only notice so, we need to act on the daily and each and everyone must play their parts so the planet is habitable by the billions to come”.

In his daily life as a chef, he is “cautious to use everything. […] To use what grows above, what grows under, and use roots to make some broth: to reach zero waste”. Alain Ducasse considers it is possible and concludes claiming one can do “as well while taking care of the planet”.

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