Nocturnal sessions of the Immersive Luminiscence show are on special offer for the month of June

Published by Communiqué Sponsorisé · Published on May 29th, 2024 at 04:11 p.m.
Get ready to discover Saint-Eustache church as you've never seen it before! "Luminiscence" invites you to enjoy new musical experiences. To celebrate the arrival of this new show, tickets for the Nocturnes sessions are currently on special offer. Get 30% off on weeknights after 11pm. Please note limited availability.

For the first time, a show combines immersive theater, 360-degree video mapping, 3D spatialized music and lighting effects in one of the capital's most beautiful monuments. The projections magnify the Saint-Eustache church, finely revealing every architectural detail, from its imposing base to the top of its vaults rising to over 30 meters.

Relive the legend of Saint-Eustache with a two-part show!

With theimmersive theater tour, meet the emblematic figures whose destinies have marked the history of the church: playwright Molière, composer Lully and theDuchesse d'Orléans.

Then take a seat in the nave and watch a dazzling visual show! Let yourself be transported by the voice of the guardian spirit of this 800-year-old sacred site. Experience a timeless journey. Immerse yourself in a360-degree experience, where video, sound and light combine to unveil the secrets of the nave, vaults and choir, revealing the hidden treasures of this architectural gem up to 30 meters high.

Luminiscence invites you to an exceptional musical experience designed to magnify the Church of Saint-Eustache. In this new version, entitled"Musique Live: Chœur & Orgue", the celestial songs of a choir mergewith the power of the great organ to accompany the Luminiscence orchestra recorded in the famous Guillaume Tell studio (brass quintet, string quartet, harp and percussion).

More than 180,000 spectators have already experienced the magic of the immersive Luminiscence show. Come and experience it too, in the monumental Saint-Eustache church in the heart of Les Halles, Paris.

Places are limited, so book your tickets on the website
From €24.50

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2 impasse St Eustache
75001 Paris 1

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Entrance on rue du jour side, 75001, Paris

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