Passeport: Alexis Michalik explores the quest for refugees at the Théâtre de la Renaissance in Paris

Published by Julie de Sortiraparis · Published on October 19th, 2023 at 07:40 a.m.
Alexis Michalik's new play, "Passeport", offers a unique perspective on the situation of refugees in France, blending human drama with current reality. A play to discover at the Théâtre de la Renaissance in Paris from January 26 to June 30, 2024.

The Parisian theatrical world is about to welcome a major new play. From January 26, 2024, the Théâtre de la Renaissance in Paris will present Passeport, the latest creation by the talented Alexis Michalik.

The play promises deep immersion in a hot topic: the situation of refugees in France. However, far from traditional news reports and documentaries, Alexis Michalik opts for an approach that prioritizes the human story, offering the audience a different perspective.

The protagonist, Issa, is a young Eritrean found almost dead in the infamous Calais "jungle". Afflicted by amnesia that has erased his memories, he has only one link with his past: his passport. The play follows his arduous journey to obtain a residence permit in France. Along the way, he is accompanied by companions in misfortune, each bringing their own story and color to this poignant tale.

Discussing his motivation for writing Passeport, Michalik says:"Generally speaking, I never want to write on a theme, but rather base my work on a specific idea or situation, which then gives rise to the architecture of the show. I wrote this new play in Guadeloupe, on my own, after having matured its contours for over a year, and after having informed myself at length. It'snot militant or documentary theater, but a human story that speaks to everyone."

The cast also promises memorable performances from the likes of Christopher Bayemi, Patrick Blandin, Jean-Louis Garçon, Kévin Razy, Faycal Safi, Manda Touré, and Ysmahane Yaqini. These talented actors, directed by visionary Alexis Michalik, are sure to bring depth and authenticity to this already powerful story.

For theater lovers and those seeking to better understand the situation of refugees in France, Passeport is a must-see. This work promises not only quality entertainment, but also reflection on a major societal issue. A combination that makes Passeport one of the most eagerly awaited plays of 2024.

In conclusion, Passeport promises to be a play that will leave a lasting impression, offering both profound human drama and new light on a topical issue. Don't miss the opportunity to discover this play at the Théâtre de la Renaissance in January 2024.

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From January 26th, 2024 to June 30th, 2024

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    20 boulevard Saint Martin
    75010 Paris 10

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