Afterlife: we tested the immersive afterlife theater experience in the 11th arrondissement

Published by Laurent de Sortiraparis · Photos by Laurent de Sortiraparis · Published on March 29th, 2024 at 12:13 p.m.
Discover Afterlife, the immersive theater experience in Paris' 11th arrondissement that transports you beyond, from March 15, 2024, into a world of interactions and decisive choices. A 1h45 adventure offering humor, mystery and multiple endings based on your decisions!

Attention immersive theater fans! Get ready to plunge into the fascinating world ofAfterlife, an experience that challenges the boundaries between life and what comes after it, starting on March 15, 2024. Located in the 11th arrondissement, a stone's throw from the Charonne metro station, this unique adventure, a cross between Good Omens and The Good Place, awaits you for 1 hour 45 minutes, promising total immersion in a world where your end is just the beginning of a captivating story.

Afterlife experience trailer:

Afterlife invites you to explore its mysterious offices, where you'll interact with intriguing characters like Charon, Thor,Azazel andAnubis, and take part in quests that will shape your journey. Each choice has its consequences (there are some fifty "side missions", so each visit is unique), and it's up to you to weave your own destiny in this playful, interactive beyond, where alternative endings are multiple and depend on collective decisions. Have a beer in Lilith's bar or a cup of tea with the angel Gabriel... Anything is possible in the 200m2 space dedicated to the experience. Carry out the various missions proposed by the angels and demons and collect points to tip the balance of your soul!

Synopsis of the Afterlife experience:

"You're dead. And yes, it's a shame, but that's the way it is. Don't panic, you've been sent straight to the Afterlife Office, where souls wait to be assigned to their eternal lives. Will you reach Eden or the Underworld? The deities who watch over humans will be there to guide you on your first day in the afterlife. Archangels, demons, all manage the Afterlife service. But things may not be as perfect as they seem...".

Our review of the immersive Afterlife theater experience, in Paris's 11th arrondissement:

So, what's Afterlife worth? The appointment was given at a very specific location in the 11th arrondissement, and at the time indicated in the booking, Charon arrives with his files (you'll recognize her straight away) to come and collect our souls at a secret address, the entrance to the afterlife. And that's where the adventure begins... An introduction that forces you to interact right from the start, breaking the barrier between a classic theatrical experience and the "immersive" side... After all, YOU are the star of the show! And interaction is essential if you want to live the adventure.

But if you're a bit shy, don't worry: the missions won't require you to play a role or anything: you're divided into different "factions" with different divine or demonic personalities who will give you missions and, a bit like escape games, you'll have to solve a few riddles, investigate events or barter with angels or demons to unlock secret rooms or succeed in a given mission.

Talk to the characters to learn more about the situation, and watch their reactions carefully: they could also give you clues... For our part, we were welcomed by Thor, who wanted to make us his warriors and asked us to investigate power cuts inAfterlife. A mission that led us to make a pact with Lilith, to meet theangel Gabriel, who also gave us a specific mission, and Azazel, who had to be given a letter after we became Hermes, the messenger of the gods (on trial, of course).

When it comes to immersion, you can't beat it! The interaction with the actors, who improvise their lines in real time (but still follow an outline), is a big part of it. It's a real pleasure to travel from one universe to another, from Thor 's office to theAfterlife 's refined reception area with Madame Charon, via the angels' rest room, decorated in the taste of angel Gabriel, so british, boudoir style. Special mention for the Lilith bar (the demons' rest room), very punk... We could have done with a drink, anyway.

As for the story, it's very well written and accessible (no need to think 107 years), with its missions and interweaving of plots. The outcome will depend on the choices you make throughout the adventure, both with your small group (or on your own) and with the whole group of participants. There's a choice at the end...

All in all, a very fine, very complete, very dynamic and very immersive experience that we can't recommend highly enough. All you have to do is book!

Accessible from age 10 (with the presence of an adult, otherwise from age 15), this experience can be enjoyed in groups of up to 25 participants, and is designed to be both humorous and caring. Please note that privatization is also possible, as is personalization of the experience for a birthday, evg, evjf or other occasion... We advise you to discuss this with the team of comedians in advance of your booking, to see what is feasible and what is not. Whether you're looking for adventure, mystery, or simply an off-the-beaten-track experience,Afterlife promises to transport you to a universe where you are the master of your destiny. Ready for your first day in the afterlife?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts March 16th, 2024

× Approximate opening times: to confirm opening times, please contact the establishment.

    Par personne, à partir de: €38

    Recommended age
    From 10 years old

    Average duration
    1 h 30 min

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