"La Porte à Côté": a romantic comedy with Michèle Laroque at the Théâtre Saint-Georges

Published by Julie de Sortiraparis · Published on February 6th, 2024 at 06:40 p.m.
Michèle Laroque and Grégoire Bonnet star in "La Porte à Côté", a captivating play at the Théâtre Saint-Georges from March 8.

From March 8, the Théâtre Saint-Georges plays host to a much-anticipated romantic comedy:"La Porte à Côté". Written by Fabrice Roger-Lacan and directed by Barbara Chanut, this play offers 25 exceptional performances, starring Michèle Laroque and Grégoire Bonnet.

The plot of"La Porte à Côté" explores the lives of two neighbors at opposite ends of the spectrum: she, a psychologist, and he, a yogurt salesman. Despite their mutual dislike, they share a common desire: to find love on the Internet, far from their idea of each other. This search for a soulmate leads them to reflect on their own desires and on what really unites them.

Michèle Laroque(soon to appear in"Karaoké"), renowned for her comedic talent and ability to touch the hearts of audiences, and Grégoire Bonnet, whose stage presence leaves no one indifferent, should embody these characters with remarkable accuracy. We hope to see their chemistry shine through in a series of hilarious misunderstandings and situations, making this play a must-see for the Paris theater season.

Aimed at a wide audience, this play will appeal equally to theater lovers and those looking for a modern, sparkling love story. Nevertheless, those hoping for a conventional romance may be surprised by the original plot twists.

"La Porte à Côté" promises memorable evenings at Théâtre Saint-Georges. With outstanding performances and a captivating story, it's an ode to love and humanity, full of humor and tenderness.

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From March 8th, 2024 to April 10th, 2024



    51 rue Saint-Georges
    75009 Paris 9

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