Wonderful Treasure of Oignies: discover one of Belgium's 7 wonders at the Musée de Cluny

Published by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Photos by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Published on February 10th, 2024 at 06:50 p.m.
An exceptional historical treasure, presented for the first time in France for a century: don't miss the Merveilleux Trésor d'Oignies exhibition at the Musée de Cluny, on view from March 19 to October 20, 2024.

It's an event not to be missed by lovers of art and history: the Oignies treasure, recognized as one of the seven wonders of Belgium, is presented for the first time in its entirety (or almost) in France. This exceptional 13th-century collection tells the story of the Saint-Nicolas d'Oignies priory.

The Musée de Cluny is hosting 30 pieces from this priceless treasure, and will be presenting these cultural riches from March 19 to October 20, 2024, as part of the exhibition Merveilleux Trésor d'Oignies: éclats du XIIIe siècle.

The exhibition featuresgoldsmiths' andsilversmiths ' wares and textiles. Among these objects, most of which are reliquaries, are the reliquary of the Virgin's milk, the reliquary of St. Peter's rib, the binding plates of the Oignies evangeliary and the chalice and paten from Gilles de Walcourt. These antique pieces have not been seen in France since 1924, and have never been presented in such large numbers.

This prestigious treasure illustrates the history of the priory, and above all highlights the talent of Hugues de Walcourt, a renowned silversmith better known asHugo d'Oignies. The craftsman set up his workshop at the Saint-Nicolas d'Oignies priory, founded by his brother. There, he created reliquaries, crosses, chalices and monstrances in the style of Mosan art. His work is easily recognizable by the naturalistic motifs used, and the decorative techniques admired by experts. Along the way, we can see theartist's development, his mastery of his tools and the affirmation of his art.

These exceptional pieces also provide an opportunity to talk about two of the priory's most important figures. The treasure tells the story of Saint Marie d'Oignies, a Christian mystic who settled at the priory a few years after its creation. The exhibition also features Jacques de Vitry, preacher and patron of the priory, who provided the priory with numerous objects and works of art.

Interactive terminals complete the tour, allowing visitors to explore the lives of the priory's great figures, or admire Hugo d'Oignies' work up close.

Don't miss this fabulous treasure, on display at the Musée de Cluny for the very first time!

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From March 19th, 2024 to October 20th, 2024



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