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Published by Anne-Christine de Sortiraparis · Photos by Anne-Christine de Sortiraparis · Published on July 6th, 2021 at 12:58 p.m.
At Pink Flamingo in the Marais, we discover pizzas that bet on originality.

Tired of Calzone and Margherita? You'll love Pink Flamingo 's pizzas that have flavors like no other. Go to the heart of the Marais, to taste these different pizzas. Terrace, organic ingredients and natural wines, everything is gathered for an evening in dolce vita mode.

Initially created by an investor from Boston and his wife, Pink Flamingo is a brand that has existed for years in the Parisian landscape. You may have known the first restaurant which was located at the Canal Saint-Martin. The pizzeria then had up to four Parisian addresses, sold just before the pandemic. Today there is only the Marais address managed by Alexandre since 2008.

Here everything is homemade with fresh ingredients of the day. Indeed, Pink Flamingo is delivered every morning with almost exclusively organic products. From the flour for the pizza dough to the seasonal vegetables of course, everything is sourced in a short circuit to offer us the best.

As for the pizzas, the dough is crispy as you wish, and the toppings are generous. In tomato base composed of a coulis of organic tomatoes and a mix of 3 grated cheeses of the day (mozzarella, emmental and cheddar), we tasted the Bjork (15,5€) with slices of smoked salmon, and lump eggs on a ladle of fresh cream, sprinkled with fresh parsley.

Even more original, we loved the Gandhi (15€), a base of fresh spinach cooked Indian style, the mix of 3 grated cheeses of the day, and Baba Ganoush (eggplant caviar, sesame lemon and garlic cream), spiced up with a touch of paprika.

There are also pizzas that we did not taste but that made our mouths water. You can try the Macias (17€), a tomato base with chicken cooked "tajine style" (onions, ginger, coriander and cinnamon) with candied lemon, green and purple olives, fresh parsley and fresh coriander. Not to mention the Almodovar (17,5€), a base of fresh cream, a mix of 3 grated cheeses of the day, chicken cooked Spanish style (onion, bell pepper, saffron, tomato, peas), gambas, chorizo, and fresh parsley.

During the pandemic, Alexandre developed Pink Flamingo by expanding its cellar, with a whole selection of natural wines. He even built a large wooden wine library to display his new references. We tasted the Furlani Macerato, an absolutely exhilarating sparkling orange wine.

Located on rue Vieille du Temple, right next to Glou and across from the Picasso Museum Garden, Pink Flamingo is in a prime location. Here there is a village feel with people in their 80s as well as families and students, and of course the usual lot of hipsters that this corner of the Marais attracts.

And the good thing, if you want to continue the evening at home, is that the whole cellar is at less than 40% to take away, at the price of a wine merchant ! For your information, the pizzas delivered are the same price as on the menu and 1€ less if you come and pick them up.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From June 12th, 2021 to June 12th, 2024

× Approximate opening times: to confirm opening times, please contact the establishment.


    105 Rue Vieille du Temple
    75003 Paris 3

    Metro Saint Sébastien Froissart (line 8)

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