Fifty Fifty, the new cocktail bar in Paris

Published by Clémentine V. · Photos by Clémentine V. · Published on 6 December 2017 at 08h56
The latest newcomer in rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Fifty Fifty is the perfect place for our long wintery evenings. Enjoy a cocktail of the chef as well as craft beers in a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Perhaps have you been in Paloma, this very tiny bar located in rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud. A few weeks ago, a new owner took over the place, Hugo, coming straight form Cap Corse, after staying in London.

The newcomer is called Fifty Fifty, half craft beers, half craft cocktails but 100% quality products. This is the real issue of the place, Hugo tells us with a passionate look. Coming from the catering industry, he explains he first wanted to open a place in London to be a kitchen chef. But it’s finally in Paris that he comes with Fifty Fifty. Not a restaurant though, but as Hugo points out: “the cuisine of the place are the cocktails!”

Fifty FiftyFifty FiftyFifty FiftyFifty Fifty

The ambition behind this new bar in rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud is simple but fair: serving very good classics and some original creations at affordable prices. Alcohols are the same that are used in the greatest cocktail bars in Paris, for a reasonable price since one cocktail costs between €8 and €11. But, Fifty Fifty is a beer bar too. As delicious, it’s no question to give up quality to offer a happy hour for €3. “I sell what I love!” Hugo adds. We find craft beers especially Corsican beers for €8 and €9 the pint, this is the occasion to meet two worlds that don’t blend often: the world of craft beers connoisseurs and the one of mixology fans.

Fifty FiftyFifty FiftyFifty FiftyFifty Fifty

Fifty FiftyFifty FiftyFifty FiftyFifty Fifty

In terms of snacks, Fifty Fifty offers some tapas that regularly change. You’re served a board of cold cuts and cheeses coming straight from the Isle of Beauty and to die for.

Finally, please note that the place itself is worth the trip. We must say that we don’t often see such a tiny bar! If by chance it’s available, have a comfortable seat on the red couch at the back of the bar, or, you can go for the (very) small tables and stools like the one you can find in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, or maybe a spot at the counter. Anyway, the subdued light and the jazzy music assure an intimate and very friendly atmosphere that makes you want to stay for hours sipping cocktails.

In short, we’ll go to Fifty Fifty with our eyes closed!

Practical information:
Fifty Fifty
74 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud – 75011
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, form 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Cocktails from €8 to €11, craft beers for €8 and €9, tapas for about €10

Practical information


74 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris 11

Cocktail: €8 - €11
Bière: €8 - €9

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