Frogpubs launch its “Happy Breakfast” offer

Here’s good news for FrogPubs restaurants regulars since the brand decided to extend its offer by providing the Happy Breakfast: a breakfast based on pancakes, sandwiches, eggs and bacon and even cheesecake!

Have you heard about FrogPubs? In Paris, they’re very well known for their excellent craft beers as well as their dishes based on burgers and fries, its brunches or the broadcast of rugby or soccer games… But did you know that FrogPubs were also open early in the morning so that you can have a “Happy Breakfast”?

For a few weeks now, FrogPubs have decided to vary and extend their offer by providing a British and US breakfast, just like we love them.

To discover them, we sat at Frog & Rosbif. Open in 1993, it’s the very first Parisian address opened by Paul Chantler. This summer, the place has been entirely renovated by betting on a more modern and warmer spirit.

FrogPubs lance sa formule

Tourists, locals and workers could discover this new offer for the greatest happiness of their taste buds.

Speaking of the menu, the “Happy Breakfast” bets on a simple but efficient choice including the famous and major pancakes you can cover in syrup, bacon or whipped cream, as well as sandwiches (Smoky Bacon Sandwich, Fried Egg Sandwich, Breakfast Burger), or a New York cheesecake as well as an apple and caramel pie.

As for me, I go for the three big American Pancakes served with syrup, fruit and whipped cream, accompanied by a tasty hot cocoa and its whipped cream.

FrogPubs lance sa formule

My partner in crime goes for the authentic British breakfast with toasts, eggs, mushrooms and a latte coffee.

FrogPubs lance sa formule

With this additional offer, FrogPubs show us that the brand is much more than your average beer bar. Available at any time of the day, FrogPubs try everything to please everyone, no matter if it’s in terms of breakfast, lunch, aperitif, dinner or brunch.

From now on, you’re expected in one of the FrogPubs restaurants to enjoy the house Happy Breakfast. Please note that the Happy Breakfast offer is to be discovered in all FrogPubs restaurants excluding Frog&Princess, and from 7:30 a.m., 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. according to the place.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 19 February 2018

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