The best Coffee Shops in Paris

Coffee lovers unite! Because a coffee break is a ritual shared by many people worldwide, we decided to make you discover the best coffee shops in Paris.

Hype coffee shop, gluten-free coffee shop, Nordic coffee shop and sporting coffee shop… Coffee shops have boomed these past few years in Paris.

From now on, there are many places you can visit on your own or with friends to enjoy a pastry with a small espresso or a latte.

So, to help you out and choose your new headquarter, here’s a list of some of the best coffee shops in Paris.

  • Café Loustic 
    The friendly coffee shop
    40 rue Chapon – 75003 Paris

  • Cuillier Grenelle
    The cozy coffee shop
    68 rue de Grenelle – 75007 Paris

  • Café Marlette
    The girly coffee shop
    51 rue des Martyrs – 75009 Paris

  • Holybelly
    The trendy coffee shop
    19 rue Lucien Sampaix – 75010 Paris

  • Café Smörgas
    The Nordic coffee shop
    11 rue du Château d’eau – 75010 Paris

  • Steel Cycle Wear
    The coffee shop for cyclists
    58 rue de la Fontaine au Roi – 75010 Paris

  • Folks and Sparrows
    The hype coffee shop
    14 rue Saint Sebastien – 75011 Paris

  • Thank You My Deer
    The gluten-free coffee shop
    112 rue Saint Maur – 75011 Paris

  • Café Lomi
    The pro coffee shop
    3ter rue Marcadet – 75018 Paris

  • Cuillier Abbesses
    The Australian coffee shop
    19 rue Yvonne le Tac – 75018 Paris

  • La Goutte d’Or Pâtisserie
    Yann Menguy’s shop serving tasty coffees
    183 rue Marcadet – 75018 Paris

  • Cozette
    Dry bar and coffee shop
    20 avenue de Saint Ouen – 75018 Paris

  • Bonhomie
    Restaurant, coffee shop and cocktail bar
    22 rue d’Enghien – 75010 Paris

  • Passager
    The new friendly coffee shop in Paris
    107 avenue Ledru Rollin – 75011 Paris

  • IMA
    The veggie coffee shop
    39 quai de Valmy – 75010 Paris

  • Ten Belles
    The gourmet coffee shop
    30 quai de Valmy – 75010 Paris

  • ONI Coffee Shop
    The all-things homemade coffee shop
    10 boulevard Saint-Martin – 75010 Paris

  • KB Café Shop
    The safe bet
    53 Avenue Trudaine – 75009 Paris

  • Hardware Société 
    Australia in the heart of Paris
    10 rue Lamarck – 75018 Paris

  • Le Café by Season
    Organic, fresh, gluten-free and decoration!
    5 rue de Picardie – 75003 Paris

  • République of Coffee
    The gourmet coffee shop with Mexican accents
    2 boulevard Saint-Martin – 75010 Paris

  • 5 Pailles, the friendly coffee shop
    To be welcomed like a friend
    79 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis – 75010 Paris

  • Marcelle
    The healthy and gourmand hot spot by Ophélie Barès
    22 rue Montmartre – 75001 Paris

  • Peonies, the flowery coffee shop
    A good coffee, flowers, bucolic pastries and why not a flower bouquet?
    81 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis – 75010 Paris

  • Ibrik
    A delicious and traditional Turkish coffee served with super mezzes!
    43 rue Laffitte – 75009 Paris

  • Aloha Café
    The coffee shop that makes you look on the bright side of life
    32 rue Pierre Fontaine – 75009 Paris

  • Café Foufou
    The fresh and gourmet coffee shop
    10 rue Oberkampf – 75011 Paris

  • Ceuillette Coftea Shop
    The coffee shop and tearoom
    6 rue du Moulin Joly – 75011 Paris
Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 28 September 2018

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