SoumSoum: the new hummus bar in Paris

If you like Mediterranean food, then, head to SoumSoum, the new hummus bar in Paris, nestled in the 4th arrondissement.

After pasta bars, salad bars and even couscous bars, let’s enjoy the hummus bar, shall we?

To discover this culinary concept, you have to make your way to the 4th arrondissement in Paris and push the doors of SoumSoum.

This new place – open since April 30, 2017 – has everything to delight your taste buds.


And for good reason, SoumSoum provides several specialties based on or topped with this famous chickpea mash.

On the menu of this 90% vegetarian restaurant? The famous Sabih’, the artisanal pita sandwich to discover in 5 different versions, specially with the Batata (Hummus, eggplant, sweet potato, hard-boiled egg, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh herbs, tehina and amba) or the Bassar (hummus, beef meat, eggplant, potato, hard-boiled egg, onions, tomatoes, pickles, fresh herbs, tehina and amba).

We also discover varied starters (deviled egg, chickpea salad, eggplant caviar) or even the hummus to enjoy with two pita breads such as the Foul Moudamas (with Egyptian fava beans).

Allow between €6 and €13 per dish.


Caroline J.
Last updated on 17 May 2017

Practical information


15 Rue des Ecouffes
75004 Paris 4

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