Limon, Juan Arbealez’s new restaurant in Paris

Limon is the brand-new cozy bar-restaurant in Paris 8th arrondissement where you’ll love to have a seat for a delicious meal or a very-well accompanied drink. We run to discover this spot where Juan Arbealez gives pride of place to exceptional citrus fruits.

Limon is the very new restaurant within walking distance from the Champs-Elysées. Goodbye Le Nubé, at the end of a corridor that could discourage curious passersby. Hôtel Marignan new restaurant is well off and reveals a very different concept. More open, more affordable, more welcoming and much friendlier, this new venue is likely to become the new place to be.

As soon as we arrive, we notice the lovely outdoor terrace with louvered shutters, perfect for when the sun comes out. At the entrance, a huge design bar show what it’s made of. We discover a muted and private place, with various comfortable areas. Whether you come with your special someone or with your friends, areas can be adapted and you’ll be in clover. Soft seats, fireplaces and coaches welcome us with open arms so that we can have a seat and lag.

Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

Limon is both a cocktail bar and a restaurant. The choice is yours: sophisticated and tasty cocktails like the exquisite Limon negroni that you’ll adopt. All afternoon long and until dinner time, a snack menu if offered with club sandwich beef tartare, Caesar salad, burger, pasta of the day and even a plain organic omelet. Whatever the time is, you’ll find something to eat on the spot.

Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

At lunchtime and dinnertime, and this is the best part, you can treat yourself with Juan Arbealez’s dishes. He plays with all kinds of lemons and citrus fruits to offer us fresh, original and oh-so delicious dishes. The chef (France discovered him in the third season of Top Chef France), after treating us with Plantxa at Le Nubé and now at Le Yaya, takes up a new challenge, the one offering a menu evolving around citrus fruits all year long.

And not any kind of citrus fruits since the chef’s dishes are seasoned with precious citrus fruits from the Bachès plantations (that every big table fight for). By the way, because he had a feeling about their production, Juan Arbealez came up with this concept for his restaurant.

Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

But how will he manage when it’s not the season? (because yes, life may give you lemons, but there’s a season!). Well, he’ll do differently. During the season, he’ll buy lots of citrus fruits to pickle them, dry them, work them so that can be preserved and used when it’s not the season anymore. So, that will result in different recipes, as (maybe more) tasty. Citron, bergamot orange, Australian finger lime, calamondin, you’ll be surprised to discover all the varieties and flavors that are so different from one another.

Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

What about food then? Order the squid ceviche with zucchini and lime, the veal from Corrèze and tuna tonnato way with Meyer lemon or the quinoa with calamondin. The chef offers a cuisine with Colombian accents (this is where he comes from) but twisted with his experience and discoveries. In the end, we have unexpected association and unique flavors, we love it! No need to worry yourself sick to decode the composition of your dish, it’s just so good!

Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

In terms of mains, the roasted poultry and smoked with citrus fruits, spinach and grapefruit is a must taste. A very tender meat with an unparalleled smoky taste, we say yes! Meat lovers won’t fail the rib steak from Argentina chimichurri way. An excellent meat served with a lemon-cilantro sauce, you’ll tell me about it.

Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

We end the meal with something soft like a deconstructed two-lemon tartlet that you eat despite the heavy meal. Unless you go for the mandarin-basil-vanilla vacherin or the citrus fruits and crumble cheesecake.

In short, here’s a nice discovery to experience.

Practical information:
Limon restaurant
Address: 14 rue Marignan
Online booking

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Last updated on 17 October 2017

Practical information


14 Rue de Marignan
75008 Paris 8

Franklin Rossevelt

desserts: 12 €
entrées: 13-19 €
plats: 21-35 €

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