Paris Le Bar à Huîtres: a formidable selection of oysters

Genuine institution in the Parisian landscape, Le Bar à Huîtres offer the greatest selection of this seafood in Paris. Fleshy, creamy, briny or copper, to each mouth its oyster.

Le Bar à Huîtres, this major address specialized in seafood is probably the restaurant that honors the best its name. and for good reason, if Parisians know this address very well for its marine platter, it also has the important characteristic that this is the address offering the biggest selection of oysters in Paris!

Le Bar à Huîtres : une sélection de taille

All in all, Le Bar à Huîtres presents over 30 species. And to offer them to you, the restaurant sends us across France. Grands crus stroke the taste buds and give us sea legs and a taste from Brittany or Normandy, make us place the helm towards the Isle of Rhé or Noirmoutier and take us towards Poitou-Charentes or the Mediterranean.

Le Bar à Huîtres : une sélection de taille

And because we enjoy records, please note that Le Bar à Huîtres holds two other records even more spectacular than its large selection. Here, you can even enjoy the smallest oyster in the world, the one called Peter Pan because it never wanted to grow up. A small gem from the sea, a size 6 which flesh is yet generous that recalls that some pleasures are sometimes the source of the greatest joys.

Le Bar à Huîtres : une sélection de taille

And speaking of great things, the second important specialty of Le Bar à Huîtres during the tasting is the exact opposite of our little Peter Pan. We’re now talking about the world’s largest oyster, a beautiful one from Brittany, the Belon Cadoret XXL. If you’ve learnt your lesson, you remember than bigger the size is smaller the oyster is. On the contrary, the more you go to 0, the biggest it is. So, brace yourself, become our big Breton oyster displays a size 00000! Bigger than a regular hand, its flesh is as generous as its size. Yes, it is! We may say that small is beautiful, but big can also be tasty and gourmet!

Practical information:
Le Bar à Huîtres
4 addresses in Paris: Montparnasse, Saint-Germain, Place des Vosges and Place des Ternes

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Last updated on 27 December 2017

Practical information


112, boulevard du Montparnasse
75014 Paris 14

Belon Cadoret XXL à l'unité: 13 €
Belon Cadoret XXL par 6: 78 €

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