La Reine Mer, the fish shop-restaurant fresher than fresh

La Reine Mer, here’s the name of this new fish shop-restaurant-caterer that opened in Paris 14th arrondissement. Fishes, crustaceans from small French fishermen, tasty products from sustainable fishing and nice gourmet recipes, here are what offers this new counter to delight true lovers of oysters, tartares, ceviche and other fresh fishes.

Eating in a fish shop, here’s a nice concept to be sure you’re eating fresh fish, crustacean and shells. The place founder, Grégory Areinx knows that there are not many restaurants that offer genuine fresh quality fish from France, and he decided to launch this new concept of a restaurant-bar-fish shop-caterer that he wants to extend.

La Reine Mer, le restaurant-poissonnerie-traiteur

Eating seafood is better but eating tasty French products from sustainable fishing is even better. At La Reine Mer, fishes and crustaceans are selected through short circuits from small French fishermen who are for a sustainable fishing. Like Tom Saveurs, Poiscailles and Terroirs d’Avenir.

On the stall, we find Badr who worked for four years at Terroirs d’Avenir. No need to say he knows his share about fishing and seafood. He can even advise you and guide you.

The restaurant looks more like a counter. 2 food areas are available. In front of the very lit façade or in lateral. 12 seats with inox tables to stick to the theme.

La Reine Mer, le restaurant-poissonnerie-traiteur

La Reine Mer, le restaurant-poissonnerie-traiteur

All raw fishes available on sale are cooked and prepared to be eaten on the spot. In the kitchen, we find Salomé. A female chef who trained at Jean François Piège’s, Eric Trochon and Thoumieux and who perfectly knows the seafood since she went to Terroirs d’Avenir.

In the end, in the plate, we’ve got healthy, simple and yet sophisticated dishes. Tartares, ceviche, seabream, salad and squid soup, marinated mackerels and even smoked salmon are on the menu. La Reine Mer proposes meetings every day of the week. So, on Tuesday, it’s tataki day, Wednesday is Risotto, Thursday we enjoy Surf and Turf, Friday it’s aioli and Saturday, it’s a surprise!

The day we came, we tasted the excellent Banka trout tartare with soy, sesame and ginger. A fine tartare subtlety seasoned.

La Reine Mer, le restaurant-poissonnerie-traiteur

Because it was tataki day, we chose the skipjack tataki and the grilled squid with parsley. Just seared with fresh fennel as a side and a secret dressing, we say yes to this!

La Reine Mer, le restaurant-poissonnerie-traiteur

La Reine Mer, le restaurant-poissonnerie-traiteur

No time to stop by? Forget about sandwiches and go for the sandfishes, a sort of giant eggroll based on marinated veggies and raw fish, what a delight.

La Reine Mer, le restaurant-poissonnerie-traiteur 

So far, the place only opens for take-out on Sundays, but from mid-April, a brunch is said to come. La Reine Mer is also the perfect spot for an affordable Happy Oyster. €9 for 6 tasty oysters served with a glass of wine, here’s a good deal you can taste everyday from 12:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

In other words, how about a seafood spot with an ultra-fresh and ethical delivery?

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Last updated on 26 March 2018

Practical information


1 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris 11

Happy Oyster: 9 €
tartares: 12-14 €
plats: 18 €

Recommended age
For all

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