Le Vrai Paris: a new typically French bistro in Montmartre

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Published by Clémentine V. · Photos by Clémentine V. · Published on 20 June 2018 at 10h56
With its huge terrace and pink flowers adorning the façade, Le Vrai Paris side eyes anyone passing by rue des Abbesses. We wen to try this new typically French bistro for you.

Within walking distance from Place des Abbesses and its Art Déco versatile alter ego Le Sancerre, opened a few months by the same manager, stands Le Vrai Paris.

This bistro claims the pure tradition of Parisian bistro, but the ham and cheese sandwich excluded. Red leather armchairs, waiters dressed in white and black and falsely old-looking menu, the place architecture and décor (carried out by Emma Roux and Christopher Matignon) do a lot in this Paris-Parisian atmosphere.

Moving on to the menu, we find classics such as the traditional onion soup, rillettes du Mans, or chocolate mousse or even a burger (yes, a burger is now a classic). As for us, we fell for the snails (€9 for 6), revisited and shell-less and bathing in a smooth cream that we wipe with greed with a crispy slice of baguette and that we enjoy as an appetizer. We accompany these with two homemade cocktails we love because they are balanced and ultra-fresh: the Season’s Smash (gin, seasonal fruits, €11) and the Pimm’s Cup (Pimm’s, lemonade, citrus fruits and cucumber, €12).

Let’s continue with the very tender lamb shanks candied with garlic and served with mashed potatoes (€18) and Le Vrai Paris burger (€20.5), with trickling cheddar. Ultra-hearty and delicious, big eaters will be happy. that is to say we give up dessert (meringue lemon pie, French toast, coffee with gourmet desserts and many more)…

But, what a terrace! It’s rare to see one this big and this sunny (except at Le Sancerre): a priceless luxury when everyone is out to enjoy sweet summer nights.

In two words, Le Vrai Paris will please tourists looking for very French dishes and avoiding any swindle, as well as Parisians loving frank and generous cooking.

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33 , Rue Abbesses
75018 Paris 18

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Ouvert tous les jours de 7h à 2h du matin

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