Orient Extrême, a Japanese gastronomic restaurant

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 30 June 2018 at 09h15
Feel like experiencing a real Japanese restaurant, and a gastronomic one moreover? Orient Extrême welcomes you with open arms. On the menu, fishes of all kinds and in all forms: maki, sushi, sashimi, chirashi, steamed fish, grilled fish, pan-fried fish… the menu is delicious, the food is sophisticated. Your new favorite Japanese restaurant.

We teach you nothing, real and good Japanese restaurants in Paris can be counted on the fingers of our two hands. And according to our sources, Orient Extrême is one of those.

So, to make up our own mind and see if Orient Extrême is truly one of the best Japanese restaurants in Paris, we went to one of the two addresses of the brand, near Avenue Montaigne the other one is set in Neuilly-sur-Seine. And since Orient Extrême is part of the same family as KinugawaYoko and The Cod House, addresses we like and we visit full of confidence.

Featuring a beautiful small but sunny terrace largely opened onto the outside, Orient Extrême has a good point as soon as we arrive. But what can we say about the menu? Fish obviously, but super-fresh!

Orient Extrême Orient Extrême Orient Extrême Orient Extrême

Sushi, shashimi, malki, California maki, chirashi… There’s something for everyone with many different fishes: classic tuna and salmon as well as finer fishes: fried crab, chūtoro (or medium fatty tuna), grilled salmon skin, shrimp tempura, etc. And that’s not all. Orient Extrême even offer delicious Japanese dishes: steamed filet of sole, grilled jumbo shrimps, grilled gilthead bream, pan-fried bass filet from Chili.

Every two months, Orient Extrême also offers two temporary creations. For May and June 2018: Sakana Wakame, a seaweed salad with salmon, tuna, soy vinaigrette and Suzuki Geneva Fu, a pan-fried bass filet, shiso pistou, carrots and soy.

Orient Extrême Orient Extrême Orient Extrême Orient Extrême

We fall for the delicate tuna tartare and caviar (€18) and a seaweed salmon with salmon, tuna, sesame oil dressing (€14) as a starter. Then, a grilled black cod marinated in miso sauce (€35), deliciously soft and sweet; and a beautiful platter of semi-cooked salmon maki (€21), eel maki (€11), spicy tuna maki (€10) and sushi with spicy tuna on a surprising fried rice (€7). A delight of freshness and greed.

the verdict is in: Orient Extreme is an exceptional Japanese restaurant and once you’ve tasted its sophisticated and gastronomic cuisine, you’ll have a hard time retuning to your local Japanese restaurant!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 28 June 2018 to 31 December 2018



    21 Rue Bayard
    75008 Paris 8

    Official website

    01 47 20 91 58

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