Le Percolateur, comforting bistronomy by the Saint-Lazare railway station

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Updated on 14 June 2020 at 08h27 · Published on 19 February 2020 at 16h08
Today, we take you to Le Percolateur, a bistronomic restaurant set by the Saint-Lazare railway station where one enjoys well-thought seasonal dishes eaten in the blink of an eye!

A stones’ throw from the Saint-Lazare railway station, a bistronomic restaurant welcomes souls looking for a feast with open arms.  Le Percolateur, it’s its name, was opened over 10 years ago by brothers Philippe and David Madamour, who have been trained worldwide, from the United States to Italy via Switzerland and Brazil.

With these international influences down the bell, the siblings have settled in Paris 8th arrondissement with the strong will of having a chic and laid-back bistro with a unique décor, and here and there, you can find a nice collection of about twenty percolators, these famous coffee machines from the past century, that used to work with gas.

Le Percolateur Le Percolateur Le Percolateur Le Percolateur

In the kitchen, the reins have been handed over to chef Alexandre Trognon since the opening. The chef worked at Maxim's and Maison de la Truffe and ten years later, he still has the same passion for the inventive dish, tasty seasonal ingredient and thoughtful pairing.

For lunch, Le Percolateur provides two set menus, one for €29.50 including starter/main course or main course/dessert, the other for €35 including starter/main course/dessert/coffee. As for us, we followed our cravings for starters and listened to the (very) good advice provided by the boss when we chose our mains.

Le Percolateur Le Percolateur Le Percolateur Le Percolateur

We ended up with a surprising trio of small and fleshy potato patties topped with pancetta which were actually “Vonnassiennes pancakes” and originally coming from Auvergne, a wonderful discovery (€9); and snails in brioche, perfectly seasoned, not rubbery and served with a side of chorizo slices (€12.50). This was a good start for our lunch.

Next up, the boss’s recommendations that led us to Le Percolateur’s signature dish: the back of salmon WHIS.MAP.SO.SE (Whisky Maple Syrup Soy Sesame; €26) marinated for over 24 hours and roasted and served with rice tagliatelle cooked in a wok with the soy sauce and the whole sprinkled with sesame seed. A delicious, hearty dish full of sweet-and-savory flavors. If you like this pairing, you know what to do!

Le Percolateur Le Percolateur Le Percolateur Le Percolateur

We also give a go to the Cajun chicken (€26) served with wonderful homemade fries and we are a bit surprised since they are served with a sauce usually used for seafood: a beurre blanc sauce. And we were very surprised because it works so well!

And we finish on a light note with the pistachio-raspberry crème brûlée (€9) and the lemon 7/15 (€9), an intriguing name for a lemony mousse that has been set in a siphon (and is as light as a cloud, then) and served with fine and crispy puff pastry and praline rose that the two bosses already had in their previous restaurant, the Sept Quinze.

Le Percolateur Le Percolateur Le Percolateur Le Percolateur

 As soon as sunny days are here, a 30-seat terrace welcomes patrons for lunch and dinner. We’ll be back to enjoy the sun and a nice meal!

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20 Rue de Turin
75008 Paris 8

Entrée + plat ou Plat + dessert: €29.5
Entrée + plat + dessert + café: €35

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Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 12h à 15h puis de 19h à 22h30
Le samedi de 20h à 22h30
Fermé le dimanche

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