VirtualTime: the new concept store dedicated to Virtual Reality in Paris

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 29 June 2017 at 16h42 · Updated on 29 June 2017 at 16h44
Since May 2017, Paris features a new area dedicated to VR, the famous virtual reality. Entitled VirtualTime, this place offers not less than 27 experiences available, accessible to kids and bigger kids!

No need to remind you that virtual reality keeps fascinating people and expands in our society. After the opening of MK2 VR or MindOut, Paris has just welcomed a newcomer that likely puts a smile on many VR fans’ faces.

Called VirtualTime, this 130-sqm concept store features 6 PODs, individual corners limited by each player and equipped with HTC Vive helmets and Oculus Rift. Each space also has its very own screen to follow the VR experience as a viewer.

For now, VirtualTime has 27 experiences, of all kinds. Gaming fans won’t resist the famous “shoot” game called Robo Recall or Arizona Sunshine where you have to fight for your life in a zombie apocalypse!


VR adepts won’t miss either to test “The Climb” enabling you to experience the joy of the high mountain and put your fear of heights to the test!

VirtualTime also features several arcade games such as the very funny “Dead Hungry” where you’re a fearless cook fighting against a zombie invasion. To do so, you have to feed zombies thanks to your burger, pizza, fries and soda recipes!

For a trip to the mountain, go for the Everest VR or discover the depths to admire turtles and whales with The Blu.

Exclusively programmed for virtual reality, there’s also Eagle Flight that whisks you off above Paris rooftops and monuments for a surprising flight with an intensity never reached before! Careful though, you can feel dizzy!

As for kids, they will enjoy Fruit Ninja and Loco Dojo and it’s even possible to play with several players.

The plus of VirtualTime? The staff is always willing to walk you through the game if necessary.

In other words, no matter if you want to try your hand at racing, diving, being an astronaut or a zombie killer… You will find your happiness however old you are and however skilled you are!


Practical information:
38 rue d’Aboukir – 75002 Paris
Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Thursday from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Friday from 12 p.m. to midnight
Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
1 hour: €35
30 minutes: €19
VR Racing (1h): €35
Social Games (1h): €35
Possibility to privatize
Phone: +33 (0)1 42 61 14 07
Information and booking
Official Facebook Page


Practical information


38 Rue d'Aboukir
75002 Paris 2

à partir de: 19 €

Recommended age
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